Wao~ in just a blink of eye, there goes the second day of my class^^ So far so good~ I've made one more friend today, her name is Hazel. She looks kind and cute^^ Anyway, about the teaching, I can catch up with the T1 because I've learnt some of them already in Brunei. For T2, for the moment memorizing is required, according to my memorisation knowledge, still able to survive for the moment =.=

This afternoon reached at 2, have some lunch, then went upstairs. Gush, it was like suana in the afternoon. And I felt extremely tired too, I thought I'll just leaned my head on the table for a while, who knows when I woke up 10 minutes later, sweat all over my body~ Oh my, I turned on my fan and continue to watch my anime that my friend gave it to me. The anime is known as D-Grayman~ So super nice~! i like it very much, making me more addicted to it^^

NEW INFO I GOT FROM MAGAZINE:::::::::::::::::::: Fat's catching, you know~!

According to the brains at Havard University, obesity is socially contagious. So, if your BFF's waistband is stretched, chances are yours will be too, even if you live on opposite ends of the country! Over 32 years, they studied the chances of you gaining weight, depending on your relationship with the person piling on the kilos, and revealed this statistics:

*57 per cent chance if it's a close friend
*71 per cent chance if it's a same sex friend
*67 per cent chance if it's your sister
*37 per cent chance if it's your spouse

ENERGY SMOOTHIES: (Simple, Delicious and EASY!)

Ingredients: 2 nectarines, halved and stoned 1 peach, halved and stoned 5 strawberrries
Method: Blend all the ingredients together with some ice.

To live long time and to enjoy life, the unseen force for you to develop is the proper attitude.
- Alfred A.Montapert-

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