I'm so happy that I finally had attended to my new school on Yesterday^^ Well, of course for Vicky me, never get through things successfully tho. The first day I reached my school, my time table messed up, i went to the wrong class room, going in and out of the hall T.T So embarrassing! I saw people staying with their friends, group by group, but i'm the only one who was alone. Not dare to ask questions from them, they just seemed too happy to talk to their friends^^" Well, the first day we didn't have classes, all new students of every subjects gathered in the hall, including the principal and few teachers...

Today (Tuesday) I went to school at 7.45am, my sister fetched me there. Then I went to food court and library with my 2 new friends, called Li Qin and Jian Ling. Jian Ling most attractive part will be her extra long hair, once she swing her hair, you can smell pleasant accent, softness and silky hair, nice~! Li Qin is quite a mysterious girl, which I haven't really understand her personality yet^^"

Well, now talk about during the class^^ Got two teachers altogether, got 2 papers we have to study for this semester, T1 and T2. T1 teacher is called Teacher Ai Ling I think, kind of forget her name, really funny and interesting person, eventhough she looks mature but her actions and the way she explain things are almost like a very active kid! Which makes us getting more interested into the T1 subjects. But one thing i felt sorry to say but still, have to share with you guys, her English is different from the way Brunei teachers used to talk. Maybe most of the malaysians talks like that, her sentences ended up with many "lo", "la", "ka", "U know Ka", "u see A"... many many Sibu slang, but i'm getting used to it, because I'm a Sibu people also^^

T2 teacher named Teacher Chian, she looks pretty and mature too. I heard "Wou~美女老师" once Mrs. Chian walked in. The way she wore her clothes is pretty matched in colours. Well, my first impression for her is that she was like my Brunei teachers, copying notes on the whiteboard and asked us to copy it down. I always thought a college teacher normally will just lecture in the front and we as a student will copy the points from her mouth. Well, at least we have time to copy the notes down^^

I felt happy when I saw my Account textbook that I used in Chung Hwa Middle school, Teacher used that to teach us. But I can't be happy, because I might forgotten about the data insideT.T I have to study once again. Oh GOD~ Please humble myself, get the sinful heart away from the inside me. Don't let me have the same mistake again~! Well, the class for today was going as well as it is^^ Let see how well will it be by tomorrow^^ Night~

***Lord, grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish."

- Michelangelo-


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