I am really extremely excited about tomorrow, because My school first semester finally will be started soon^^ Tho, I'm still worrying about my wearing -.-" Gush, How could I think that way, But i have prepared all my things for tomorrow^^ Like a long pad notebook, pencil case, my glasses, I think that is all I should need for the moment. Wou~ I won't able to sleep well by tonight^^"

But I should start my hard work from tomorrow onward, no more spending much time on my lappy girl~! No more~ And I say It again, NO MORE~ Well, maybe I can't keep the promise, but I'll try my best^^"

Oh ya, Want to share with you guys about something, I just received an email last few days, it is about someones blog. It was extremely cool! He is a Thailand MAN, But his look was exactly like a WOMAN!!~ SEE THE PICTURES BELOW:

SO CUTE!!..........................................................

Even a "MAN" got a sexier body than we original Woman dude~ Even though I always not really support a MAN to become a WOMAN or WOMAN to become a MAN, BUT~ after viewing his pictures, My decision shaken by him =.= No comment on her either, haha... He even got the Miss Tiffany, and other World international Miss Something Else.... COOLZ~!

***Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world***
- Arthur Schopenhauer-


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