Excapade Teppanyaki Bunut, Brunei ▓NEW▓

Excapade has expanded its variety of choice to Teppanyaki style! :D
Which located near my shelter, from now on, I no need drive all the way from my house to town (45 minutes) for Sushi already yay X)

Sorry I didn't get to capture the signboard of it. But you can see it from other's blog, here is the link from the web I found.

The menu book is almost the same as Excapade itself, just that it got one extra thin menu book (picture above). And that is the "Teppanyaki" menu book :)

Ok stop loso-ing liao, here's our order! :D

Kamikaze Maki, raw salmon plus avocado.

Inari Soft Shell Crab, sweet bean curd with inner fillings of rice and soft shell crab! :D I never miss this order if you read my previous related posts.

Large Size Grill Salmon Fish Head, this is one fat salmon head.

Mussel Garlic Battay, and we'll do the Slurrp~!

Gyoza Chicken, looks like Chinese dish.

Lamb Risk with Black Pepper, this is finger licking delicious!

Ebi Tempura, fried prawn with sauce, Mmmm~

Alaska Maki, I don't know about the name but I do love the topping!
Chicken floss yeah~

I can't find the name of this dish on the receipt O.O
Cheese Mayo with fish eggs, GENG!

Mini California Special, one of the must-order dish.

Tofu Steak, the juiciness and tenderness of the tofu, see the boink boink elasticity. Melts as it touches your tongue, tears of happiness :`)

Unagi Hama Maki, Eel for the win! I love the crunchiness in between. One more thing you have to know about this dish is that, it is HUGE!!

Pizza Roll, well I still prefer Pizza Hut tho :/

Tori Yaki with Apple Sauce, never though apple sauce can campur with chicken, love the taste of the combination ^,^

Tori Momo Teriyaki, another Chicken dish~

Yes! YEs! and YES! There is MORE to go,
I haven't try out all the dishes on the menu yet.
Sure I will come for the second time very soon ^.^

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Kelvin said...

Ehhh, i can't see the pics leh...

Vicky 刘宁 said...

how come? everything is ok with me :/

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