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I seldom blog this few weeks. But that doesn't mean that my relationship with my blog is fading, same apply to me and my friends on the internet! :) This gotta be a very short post.

I've passed my exam, thanks to all who sent their best wish to me :D As you all know, after result, sure next thing is new school semester begins right? So I've started my class a week before, which makes me spend lesser time on the blog and the internet, so that I can spend more time on study! See Imma good girl ei? :)

Maybe 2 weeks blog once, or once a month, that will be my frequency of blogging. Until December when I will finish my exam! Then only I will blog once 2 days! Hope ya'll can understand lo.

GUESS WHAT? I can tie up my hair already! I know it's nothing, but ho... I've been waiting for this like months! I'm gonna let my hair grow long long, not until floor that type la, I don't want my hair to clean the floor =.= In case you think7think8

This picture is taken few months ago lol!! Now it's even longer!

Didn't I mention that I'm into photoshop cs4 recently? I heard that there is Photoshop CS5 already, must be more fun! Me want want want WANT X)

Feeling lovely~


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suituapui said...

You passed? CONGRATULATIONS!!! ACCA which parts? How many parts to go? Keep up the good work! Cheers!!!

Isley Chang~ said...

got plan to make it semi curly? or those artis hair style that cover their forehead~ :-)

Kelvin said...

Wah, exams until december??!

But still good luck to u ^^

Must post more pretty pics of u next time XD

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

CONGRATS girl! haha serious i hate waiting for hair to get long. :(

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