Vicky ♥ The New BMW 5 Series Exclusive Preview ● Empire Hotel

The day before yesterday, credit cardholders of Baiduri Bank are invited by QAF Industry to attend the event "THE NEW BMW 5 SERIES" exclusive preview at Brunei Empire Hotel and Country Club @ 7pm.

Vicky was invited too! :D

Ok I cheated, I don't have a credit card,
but the owner of the Baiduri Bank credit card
don't have time to attend so I replace her :P

Those who step into the destination hall are
asked to take photo at the wall frame of BMW.
Vicky feels like one of the celebrities now.

Entrance was accompanied by a
beautiful romantic song played by a man and a woman.

The hall is very big and there's many people!! All of them look like boss and boss' wife, I was wondering that if they ever think of me:
"What this little brat doing here?"
Hey I'm 20 years old liao ok.

Everyone is waiting for the opening ceremony. Got many Germany people, high nose, deep eye, thick eye brow, they look weird for me, and I look weird for them.
Never see 20-years-old-chubby-faced-girl before izzit? o.O

Some high position people talking to each other.

The ambassador of Germany, very very high ranked people.

After his speech, a dancing performance presented in the following.

And now let us see the bee yee ay you tee full BMW 5 series car!

Yeap, that blue car is one of them, too bad I can't get onto the stage, sit in the car and capture me pretending to drive in that car :(

Anyway, sooner the MC announced that there are more behind!
As she says "Welcome to the BMW family", the wall behind opened and more cars!

See that?! Everyone was like, wou~
I dunno why but this picture reminds me of the Kaiji Movie in the ship :/

The BMW 120i Cab, this car is amazing. I never ride on topless car.

BMW 740 Li and BMW Z4.
They look so cool that I really got no comment on them.
I know I know, I know nothing about car,
but I also got taste on car mai siao siao ^^"

BMW 320i the white one, it's a type of sport car I heard. Broom Broom!!

Then the BMW X6 xDrive 35i, I love the 2 nostrils in front :D

Ok, maybe I can't blog about car after all :( I know nothing but "taya" (tyre)
But confidence hits back when it comes to food! :P

Besides from exploring on the car, meals are served too!

The Laksa green noodle.

Then the Sushi stall.

Wasaky-is-back! Hmm, if you know what I'm talking about.

The rendang meat stall. I wonder why they put the light as pinklish red in colour o.O

One last thing cannot miss out!
The dessert of course!

I love how they decorate the dessert dishes!
They're so cute that I feel symphaty of noming them up.
High classic meal is over, thanks to Empire Hotel catering Chef.

Anyway, more cars to show ya'll outside the hall room.

The New BMW 5 series! Aren't they coolZ?
I love how their eyes (front light) stare at me.
This time got eyelid some more.

I dunno the creator is getting bored of the basic design of front light or what. They really added eye lid to the front light O.O


People and people got love at first sight, who say car and people don't have?!

Vicky is in love with one the BMW 5 series car because of his handsome eyelid.

You will be mine in the future, I'll be back for ya!


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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

whoaa quite prestige event aye!! =D bring me next time! =p

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

buy one and when go thr visit u, u drive with that car. :p haha! one thing i love about brunei is the cars at thr sooo damn nice! =D

suituapui said...

Better buy a house. The value depreciates the moment you drive it out of the showroom. I wouldn't mind going to the preview though...just for the food. Yum!!! Hahahahaha!!!

Kelvin said...

Haha, they must have think tat u are some rich man's daughter^^
Don't they cut the sushi??

Alfieeeeee said...

Beemers = awesome
Free food while observing beemers = awesome x infinity!!!!

Vicky 刘宁 said...

Caroline : LOL! sure :D Come Brunei baru talk XD Yea, also because that Brunei Car no tax so very cheap ^^

Suituapui : Haha, yealo, buy house live longer, buy cant cant make life long too wat right?

kelvin : Yea they did cut the sushi, i snapped them before the rolls being cut XD

Garfield said...

BMW is indeed a very good family car

Vicky 刘宁 said...

alfie : haha, good equstion u got there :D

Garfield : Really? o.O they doesnt seem big tho..

"I" the writer said...

Whaaaa! Lucky you! You been invited to such a exclusive event. The food looks good by the way ;)

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