Brunei HSBC offers Credit Card Holder a previlege of buying Vincci Shoe for $1?!

Before I go straight to my Topic, let's take 1 minute to view Vicky's dinner
at Brunei Da Fu Restuarant (大福)! This place located kinda corner side lo,
so little people know about this restaurant.

But that doesn't mean that corner corner restaurant's cook is not good wo!

Hmm, can't see the Restaurant title name...

Done! As perfect as original one, haha!

The menu book is red red one, which reveal that this restaurant is chinese restaurant. And which my father likes the most! He hates Sushi :(

There are many many options for you to choose lo, some order I never heard before de, like "Butter Sand Prawn" 奶沙虾, unique and attractive name :)

For Century and decades I haven't been drinking cold cold de drinks liao,
ok I lied.

For many days I haven't been touching cold drinks liao, so I reward myself for able to stand that long with a "Tea C Special"! :D

Top Tea, middle C, bottom Special, that is why it is called Tea C Special,
ok I lied again.

Top Tea, Middle Milk, Bottom WheatGrass Juice.

The Law Family wondering around, haha!
I know you all must be hungry de la, pretend to be silent, haha XD

Mai ke ke la Vicky, me know you also hungry... See you drinking that TeaCSpecial,
almost finish already!?!?!

This is the Crabmeat soup, I warned the waitress not to put MINCED PORK into it or I will burn down the restaurant. Ok I lied =.=

But I did tell her not to put minced pork lo :)

The fish fillets with LOTSA Green Pepper,
many until I can hardly see the fish fillets.
A bit too salty but if mix with rice, the taste is perfect!

Who say kids hate Green Pepper?! I am not Crayon Shin Chan alright?

I do eat them :)

Then the waitress recommended one more dish,
they said they make the fishball(鱼圆) themselves.

But the problem is...

I can't see where is the ball, their fishball is not round O.O

Then the Fried Garlic Kai Lan (炒芥兰
Just as I was editing these photos, I found one black thing on it...

AH!!! No wonder I keep on farting now T.T

After paying for the meal, my mom straight went
outside the restaurant without informing us.

We were about to leave the table when the waitress serves us a plate of Orange!

HAHA! Then we're like nom nom on the orange with mother standing outside the window looking at us impatiently haha! XD

Before I left the table, I took a picture of my plate and my mom's.

There is once said that
you must finish ur meal on the plate, without leaving any single rice on it.
If you left 5 dots of rices,
then it means ur future wife or husband
will have 5 dots on his or her face respectively.

That's what my mom told me when I was a kid, I always keep it in my mind until today!

This is my plate, clean clean as ever! :D

But when looking at my mom's plate, I was like...

O.O" What?


Mummy!!!! You have left over 800+ of rices on the plate!
But daddy's face is still looking good now, thank God :)

Ok, the eating culture that my mom told me is a lie.
It doesn't exist at all.


HSBC Bank offer credit card holder in every perchase of $20 and above at any shops will have the privelege of buying Vincci Shoe for $1 only!!!



No kidding man, I really have no idea how they bring out this big of promotion, and kinda big risk too I think. Haha, business world Vicky don't understand de la ^^"
Neeway, my mom is one of the HSBC credit card holder, so she went to Hua Ho Market to buy something that will be at least $20 in cast amount.
By the time is 9pm plus already, my mom was like very very nervous

"Fast! Vincci Shop wants to close liao, Kuai Dian!!"

Mission Impossible!

First target is the stick, $1.56.

Second is the toufu, altho a bit sourly smell,
my mother still grab it without conscious of the smell lol!

Third target is The Fried Fish Can $6.20

I was worried when I see the display name...


Fried baby O.O
Mom, you might want to double confirm ler T.T

Fourth the Toilet Paper $5.60,
I thought our house got 2 whole new untouch fresh pack already?

Fifth is the Oyster souce! $2.30

Sixth target is my mom's favourite, Nestle Fitnesse Crunch! :D

My mom's math very pro, I was like taking my phone out preparing to calculate see the price is enough or not, then my mom said:

"No need count la haiyo, total should be around $22.20"

I can't believe until I got th receipt and my jaw dropped...

$22.16, she just... round off to one decimal point O.O, I failed myself.

Then I picked up my dropped jaw and rushed to the car with mom and
ask the driver aka daddy to drive us to Vincci shop.

In no time we arrived to the crowds.

There were a lot of customers that time,
you push I pull,
you put I take,
you run I walk.
Sad thing is one credit card is available for one pair of shoe only, so for those who got 10 credit cards, you win liao.

Actually is my mom who wanna buy her shoe, but Vicky uses her ultimate innocent watery eye to look at mom, she surrendered...
Nolah, haha, because my mom can't find any shoe suitable for her, so she asked me to choose one for myself instead, I'm not that bad ok.

After picking among the messy condition...

Finally I picked one, $33.90 for $1 I'm not telling lie!!!!!

See how pretty is it?? :) Hey altho it only cost $1, doesn't mean
that I'm not gonna take good care on it k...

Vicky happy!! :D Peace!

Haha, you don't have :P

Ok, I joked.

Nais anot?! :D

What are you waiting for?! Brunei people out there, see ur parent got HSBC credit card or not, then pay them $20, swip the card $20 on anything, take the receipt to Vincci and buy any pair of shoe for $1 ( One Dollar).

Last day is on 23rd June 2010

Did I say... yesterday is the last day? o.O

*Vicky Runs Away*

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

the sandal very nice. :)

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

*sobs* tempted by those foods again. lol but am more tempted by the SHOPPING thingy!! serious? $1? here never have such offer. :/

Kelvin said...

I think the shoes looks too big for u.

lj said...

The tea c special looks good! :)

Isley Chang~ said...

eh. Brunei place looks the same as Malaysia. haha

mNhL said...

the special teh c really special wo......what a combination. Really nice? Hahaha....i like the plate with rice picture. U photo edit them. Mum used to tell us that whenever I eat, sure very clean. haha

$1 for 1 pair of Vincci shoes....that is really very cheap.

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