Vicky at Brunei Jerudong Beach :D

The other day my pastor asked us (the Church Teenagers) for a meet up
at Brunei Jerudong Beach around 6am in the morning to see the sunrise.
I'm so worried that I couldn't wake up, so I decide to sleep early the night before.
But like I said, FACEBOOK is freakingly addictive T.T

I ended up closing my eye on the bed at 2am :X

Next day after that...

I still can wake up! It's a miracle wou!

The beach is so breezy that when I close my eye...
I feel so calm and peaceful... apart from my messy hair and puffy eye...

Nice shoot of Paul there.

Look! The sun is almost up!


So what we're expecting that time was the sun will rise on the sea side.

Something like this.

But turn up the other way :/

The sun rise on the other side! :d
We're like facing the trees, and back faced the sea =.=

Yay, and the sun rose!

Belated good morning from Vicky and Joyce!

Yeap, and that's us (except me)

I miss the time watching the beautiful view of the beach
ever since I left Brunei to Sibu. And now I'm back!


Jerudong beach is full of BIG, I mean really

Lots of people, especially couples, they sprayed on the rock.
Such Unique huh? The Rock specially belong to them! XD

I wish I can spray one too, but pastor is there that time :X
Vandalism is Sin :d

The sea Breeze was just so calm and quite that time!!!! XD

DJ rocks!!! Jeng Jeng!

It's the Joisu DJ, she's just so adorable :)

My face is just so round and big =.=
Plus some more Water retention early in the morning lagi.
Look like Hipopotamus la T.T

We're standing on the Big Rock!

Those who haven't come to Jerudong Beach must come!
After seeing the beautiful view of this beach.
I feel much more satisfied with my life,
No more regret *tears
I Can die nao...

Far View of the beach! XD
Wish to walk all along the beach rocks to the other corner!
Really nais I tell you all..

Only look at the pictures no use lo, must come to the destination urself.
Taste the breeze, eat the grass, feel the sound of the waves!

The sea water in the morning is simply clear :D

U can't resist to take photo of it really :/
I've chosen 10 out of hundreds ady...
(Not that many actually)

The Rocks are unique by ichiniwanof themselves

See no litters O.O

So after sharing the Bible Verses, feeling much more freshy.
We were deciding for a place to have breakfast!

What can beat Teh Tarik for Breakfast?


Roti Canai for the win!

The juice is delicious too!
Very Juicy...

In sibu, I always order Roti Canai Susu
Where they place the condensed milk inside the roti Canai.
But I don't see the name from the menu,
I was quite upset by then.
Better than doing nothing, I asked the Kalin Waiter
"Kamu ada Roti Canai Susu"?

He stopped for a while like.. jammed.
HAHA! Then only then he came back to reality and said

And then I "YAY"

So here is it!!! XD
And it is very "neat and squarish"

I love I love I love to the deep of my feet.

In the afternoon, mom and I went to the Brunei Airport.
And grabbed something from Jolibee.

Pita sandwich!

It's Chicken + cabbage + tortillas wrap (skin)

And it's the only thing that mummy love from Jolibee.

Haha, don't get wrong, yea I'm still anti-chicken
So I'm eating the skin, chicken meat I asked mummy to nom them all!

Oh yea, forgot to mention that we send our neighbour
to airport that day...

Everyone meet my childhood friend Daniel :D

I wonder what the guy at the back was looking at...

My Cooler wannabe Mummy
She loves wearing fashion fashion but not
wear-less-less that type de lo.

Unlike the Nerd Looking me... LOL!

Night time someone volunteered to be the chef!

He decided to cook Italianish dish

Tomato Spagettie

Forgot what is dish call, he told me the name that time.
Now he's running on the Track Mill, lazy to go ask him -.-

Happy Me ^.^ I put a love to cover up my mouth because
I think my mouth is too sweet for everyone to see it.

Basil Leaves added to the spagettie dish
It's like add sugar to a bitter grout.

Went for a walk in Tamu...
From the tamu, you can see the whole view of The Mall.

Nice isn't it XD The three got a bit din deh...

Night Market!

Can see bunch of families and families hanging around

Grilled fishes, hotdogs, chicken wings...

What I'm very doubtful of night market is
I have to bath everytime I reach home,

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