Vicky'd increased her appetite?!

Just Happened the day before yesterday when....

...Vicky ate for the Whole Day...

Early in the morning, got prepared to go to school.

In the afternoon break, Me Irene Alicia Kew and Justin
5 hungry peeps went on hunting for food all the way to Parkson!

Meet Irene and Alicia, they both look so alike here O.O

Suddenly pop in my chubby face, everything spoilt. LOL!

See the way they look at the camera so...
Ash Aye Amm Yeee

Me and Rene Rene

Lol, his head almost touch the car roof,
let his hair wash wash wash the car roof woots >.<
Justin, you can save your money for that part now :P

The almighty parkson in Sibu
No place to go? Go parkson

In the Lift

There there we arrived at Bing Ya wat wat...
(Sorry la, my chinese is poor, no choice what)

It's actually a place where wedding activities held
In the afternoon, buffet is provided too!

But unfortunately, me and Irene spot no food from the buffet

Thus, we head out the restaurant and went to the...


Sushi Sushi Sushi

Haha, the 2 Sushi Lovers!

Because the order is kinda slow,
so we went back to the restaurant first

Justin's meal! See the one with sesame?


Alicia's Lunch, I ate the Fishes and the Toufu
No Rice of course...

As for him, Kew Kew ate Bread and Yam Milk Tea
for Lunch, Hmm, better than eat nothing right? :)

Chicken Floss bread

Well, due to the shortage of time space
Me and Irene forced to eat the Sushi in the car
when on the way back to school

My Dragon Ball!

Tell you ho, don't just sit there and watch this dragon ball
It's time for you to order them
And feel what I'm actually felt everytime
I put them into my mouth :D

Irene's Inari Egg Mayo

I eat eat eat Irene eat eat eat
We all eat eat eat

My most joyful moment! ^^

Anyhow, we're late for class that afternoon :S
But who cares? As long as the Sushis are still in my tummy :D

Night time,
back to my topic
"Whole day Yeet"

Whole day EAT!

After work,
My tummy started to cry out for Craving
In order to save her tummy,

Vicky rushed to the nearby store and ordered the...

You gonna be scared...
I'm really a monster that night O.O

Fruit Ice from No.5 Store

First Salad Sotong

I don't finish them, left the rest for my grandma ^^

They are actually nice! :)
But not good for health if too much consumed.
Mr pimple will come and visit you.

Second will be the Salad Fish Fillets.

Yeap, that's me who love eating FISH!

A very nice dish you must TRY!
Nothing left for Popo, Sowee :(
I'm too hungry

Thirdly is the Fish Toufu!

I eat fish Toufu I become Toufu
Fat fat Soft Soft

By the time when you put the fish toufu into your mouth
Don't bite it, feel the soft and tenderness and hotness
Fishy smell will occupied your entire mouth


And Bite it! NuM NuM NuM


Toufu-ky said YES!!!

After all the hot fried food, here comes the cold dessert!

I prepared a large bowl

And a special spoon specially designed for my lovely fruit ice.

wu Wu WU, so Excited :D

Fruit-ky took a sip, and feel the cold
down your throat to the wall of ur tummy
The sweetness and the icy cool combination


Fruit-ky thumb up!!!

Overall, still love this Fruit Ice :)

See that? I really ate for the whole day that day O.O"
I'm really abnormal this few days,
sometime really don't feel like eating, thus I skipped meals

But when I feel like eating,
Hampalan Ojibala Madagascar
Everything I wanna eat I ordered straight away
Scary me :(
I scared myself!!

Help Vicky T.T

Missing Kew

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