Eat happily, Live happily

Yay, finally got the chance to hang out with Irene ^^
It had been a long while since we went for breakfast together

A happy Day! ^^V

She called the day before we went for breakfast
And of course, I agreed for sure

Went to Yummy Yummy Cafe
Spotted Laksa again

If Vicky addicted to one thing
She Will definitely go for it until other things attracted her



Plus the Roti Canai Susu
Gosh, I miss them so much :(

Vicky eat like a long-time-no-eat-child
Irene, good take u got there ==

After eating, not neglecting our Cam-whore habit
Me and Irene took a few pictures in the car :D

Muakz Muakz Rene Rene ^^

She looks as pretty as ever! :P

The other day, we hung out again! Haha
This time add on Alicia

Gosh they really look like sisters la

Barley drink again hmm...

Roti Canai Telur of Aloha

They got pretty hair too

Smooth and straight and long

Irene feed Vicky!

She's teaching me of how to eat roti canai the correct way

Lol, sorry really paiseh when taking this picture
So I covered up my mouth from the view of other people

Num Num Num! Yummy! ^.^"

Oh well, I'm really glad that I can eat happily this few days
My mood seemed to be turning up positively
Got more energetic than before when I were on diet



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