Vicky please be strong like Hercules!

I've been sleep in an abnormal way this few days.
Think I am not facing Imsonia, seriously.

I'm tired but still I can't sleep, all I can do is...

Facing Laptop.

A sad Vicky :(

Lol, but look at the Hush Puppies friends
They are funny enough to wake me up

Thanks :)

Speaking of working,
I have not resting well this few days just because of it.

Just happened yesterday when I realised that
I have not really hang out with my friend Irene.
I have sacrificed lotsa things.

Friend and relationship are the priorities.

And my lovely hobby, Badminton :(

For my whole day routine, I can count it with my nose already.



I am way too busy till I neglected my friend and my boy.
Not even wondering what are they doing or thinking.

Well, I admit that I am selfish :(
All I do is work work work, not even care about people
actually been staying beside me, caring about me.

But what to do?
I work majorly for the sake of my dream.

Study Abroad to UK
Sounds Impossible, but I'll make it possible

Well, to admit that...
Working do affects my study a little.
Mentally tiredness stop everything

At work, you hold a responsibility
You have to get things done fast and good
The longer you work, the bigger the responsibility
The bigger my stress will be.

At study, of course..
Who don't have stress with that?

With all these stresses, probably that is why
I am worrying about my hair will get botak soon :D


This is life man...
If this is what I've chosen, then I have to work hard for it
Instead of crying like a baby
Vicky must get stronger!!!

Strong like a very defensive durian.

I have to full utilise my free time, that is my off day.

I really have to :(

No more neglecting people around me.
Maybe it will a bit tired.
But relationship counts more!

Jia You Vicky :P

Sometimes after work will accompany my sister to eat

To say the truth, majorly in Sibu, who I hang out with the most is...

Hush Puppies.

Instead of family and friend

Time past really fast with work too.
Morning wake up go school
Afternoon work until Night

That's for the day.

Back home chat with Kew Kew


That's really a whole day progress for me!
Told you that you really can count it with ya nose

I got weaker too.
I got sick really often recently.


4 things I almost abandoned completely.

Well, I won't quit my job still
I have to work more
Meanwhile, I will start to concern about the above 4's
I have to prove that I can get through these
even though I don't have enough time

I have to.
Vicky is unstoppable

Vicky won't afraid of Tired anymore for now.
Imsonia is nothing for me anymore.
For I wanna be a stronger girl in term of mind.

Don't get weak Vicky...
Please don't

Thanks for the support Kew and Rene :)

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