I just can't close my eye, that's all :(
So Vicky forced myself to do something instead of
suffering from this awful feeling.


I searched the most recent pictures from my Lumix Camera.

Intro you all...

Sibu Ice city

Mango Jelly flavoured Snow Ice

Strawberry flavoured

Really nice, 0% fats!

Vicky and Irene's beloved Fish Toufu! :D

No class today so I started my work from the morning.

See Vicky not smiling?
Partly because I can't get enough sleep :(

Sighed, the biggest problem at the moment.

Hey I just knew that Yeo's Soya Bean came out
with new flavoured!
Mixes with corn, but my colleague said that it's too sweet.

I don't know why but this few days I can hardly fall into a nice sleep.
I wanna sleep but always end up in front of laptop.
It's not the addiction of playing lappy.
Just that I can't close up my eye

It's just a simple thing, close up your eye and stop thinking


Counting sheep?
Sing lullabies?
Read boring book?

These all takes no effect on me anymore :(

I can just kept on Yawn yawn yawn, till my tears come out

But still I can't sleep, now that everyone
starts to ask me why I look so tired and so.

Help Vicky

I don't wanna be a panda


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