One of the random day of my life

Ever heard of one that loves milk to death?
Yea! ^^ Vicky am the one! :D

There is not necessary to be a cow milk
Fruit Milk also can XD!

May Vicky intro you all the Melon Milk!

I look like got mustache here =.=
Vicky the man :D

Just a simple sip

Will make your day as bright as the sun!
Or will make your night as sweet as the Manggis!

When the moon arouse,
you might wanna doubt that the room will filled with thousand of lights

For you might turn out into a...


Just another Friday night...
When the night still young...

Esther monster and Vicky angel
decided to go for Night Craving again T.T

Yeah, it's the No. 5 Fruit Ice again!!!


Hey look it's the Panda Girl

I began to get used to this kinda habit
Take a shot before I leave the house

Vicky camwhored with few boringers in the shop

Vicky and Hie Ing, she just dyed her hair light brown
Vicky Like :D

Vicky and the Monster Esther

Vicky and the finally-willing-take-photo Hui Bing
Her Eye is sooooooo BEAK!

Vicky and the Angela chan XD

The boringers normally active at all time

Active as in
keep silent and open your eye to 50% only

Like this



Not all people is 100% boringer
Some smiles when they are boring

Like Hui Bing

and Vicky :D

In love with Hush Puppies Embedded Logo at the moment

I kinda addicted to Funky styled wearing

At home after work,
What I normally do is

On call to my boy

then the most important thing is


Which is the main reason I got Puffy black circled eye


I wake up at 5.55am every Sunday for Church Service
I can late for other things but not this
God will be upset with Vicky :(

Hmm, I've realised of how long I haven't been exercising
So Vicky decided to take out some time to perspire myself

To Badminton!!

Well, I feel a lot better and more refresh
Makes Vicky look more healthy too ^^

For the sake of coming Chinese New Year T.T
So that when wearing new year clothes will look more...


喜气洋洋 I mean...

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wen pink said...

eh vicky i tell u hor.. I used to LOVE that melon milk to death too!! I used to drink it EVERYDAY!! Sometimes more than 1 pack a day! Drink until one day i am sick of it.. bored liao.. so i stopped until now.. haha! No doubt it is very nice!!

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