A great Day out with Irene!! :D

Before I begin my post...

Let Vicky had a bottle of Milk First :D

Guluu Guluu Gulili

Mmmm... I'm loving it :P

Haha, here is Esther greeting you all.

A very Innocent Expression, her specialist.

Same food and drink. =.=
Vicky lazy to retype them

There is one exception here!
That is Vicky gonna show you all,
How to Cook...


Actually that one is my elder sister one
But she's not around this few days,
so.... you know I know we Dunno la ^^

Don't Tell Her or else Vicky call police



Here here Mee-ky Guide you all :

A kuali needed! :d

The Ramen noodle is kinda big compare to the normal one.

Put them into the boiled water

And remember ....


Shake shake shake the mee in the the boiling water

Flip them side to side so they will get cooked equally

Until they got soft soft and sprint sprint de

Haiyoyo, Makes Mee-ky so sweaty too
It's really hard to cook this mee la..

Now that the mee is softened :)

Filtered them!!!

Into a glass plate

Nao Nao the most important part! :D

Seasoning part! Woots!!!

Chinese Soy Bean paste

Discard them onto the mee


The seasoning flake!!

Put them onto the paste, MUST!

Caution : Do not put anywhere outside the paste

Don't ask why.

Mix up!! Miz Mix Miv Mib Mik Mid Mixiii!!!!

Don't tell me you actually pronounce that out. =.=

Here Here my lovely Mee :)

Imma so proud of it T.T

Vicky Lovuu!! =D

Nao Nao Vicky come to the main topic

Hanging out With Rene Rene

Went to Aloha Again for the lust of Laksa..

The addiction of laksa...

Is one we girls can't stand of...

Sluurp :) Mmm, I'm Loving it :D

After that, we went to Parkson

Irene selecting photos to be printed out

Photos are good for memories call-back!!
Especially for the forgetful Vicky Me :(

Vicky love this picture! Look like Sister Foreva Quote la ^^

Yea, not shy to mention that...
I woke up with puffy eyes :( Sighed
Water retention problem plus some more I'm chubby
An angry fire again added with Oil


See that? T.T

Passed by a pop corn machine...

The addiction never turn up well

Vicky's heart: "Didn't you say you wanna on diet?"
Vicky's Brain: "Eat all you want, happy go first!"

Always ends up on my hand...
Vicky's Brain for the Win!!

And Irene's hand too...
Just simply a fan of my brain :P




What the.

Neeway, Parkson feels so high on Chinese New Year now!
See the Decoration? :D

Me and Irene :D

Irene and I went to the nearby clothes shop
Fitting room cam whore time !

Irene hugged me o.o

Irene look like office lady here,

Now come to the sista shirt!

Hey look it's the Purpliky and Redrene!

Well, Irene looks really good on that dress
Super suit her! Everyone with more than one teeth agreed!

I tried one Flowery dress, look like 春夏的姑娘一朵花 =.=

Behold the 2 ladies! O.O

On the way to buy food.

This is what me and Irene saw

3 security guards squeezing on a concrete bench.
Very close friend indeed! I love this picture ^^

After heart-ing the picture.
Irene woke me up from unconciouness and walked me to the...

Yeah, Breadsense

The sense of the bread
Is connected to the sense of our human brain.
We call it the Sense of Humour.


Use Heart to Oven, Gurantee you very nice!

Vicky saw many types of bread there :D

The Chiffon cakes

Salad hotdog and Pizza breads

They do cakes too!!

Mmmmm ..... Yummeh!

The Hotdog bread top with Mayonaise!

The smiling choco Buns!!

Irene Intro Vicky this
The Double hot dog Bread! Sounds so cool right?

Cheese Cake!!!!!! ARhhhhhhh.... lost of control

Neeway, I left the shop happily ever after.

Next stop!

The many-choices shop

I love this, don't know what it call in English.

Dried Sotong slices!
I remember I got digestive problem because I ate too much
during chinese new year time.

Oh my oh my, 2nd lost of control!!!!!!!!
My mother used to convince me with these little bits.

Come parkson and see this decoration everyone!
It's amazing to max if you watch it yourself :)

Went to WisWong Shop...

The clothes inside are more to outside M'sian style
And one more good thing is
U will never spot any people that
will wear the same thing as yours which you bought from WisWong.
In Malaysia. You're Unique then!

But one bad thing is that...

The price almost cut my neck down and
splash with blood on the floor...

i.e. Mahal

But overall la, the clothes very good looking! :D

Testing on clothes also very tired one ya know?
My tummy digest faster than usual.

Next Stop!

Singapore Chicken Rice in Sibu

You know what? We went to SCR not to eat Chicken Rice
But to eat the Fish and Chips. >,<>

Normally happen on few only...

And 2 of them must be US!

Irene ordered Carrot Milk!

Yeah, Carrot and milk bottomed.

And Vicky ordered the 3 coloured Milk Tea.
But the problem is :

There's only 2 colours T.T

Menu Cheated Vicky :<>

Somehow! The Fish and Chips is looking good!

Vicky Lovuuu!!!! =D

The crust is crushing with Vicky's teeth :D
Ok, I really don't know what Imma talking about here
It's late night when I type this post.

Oh yea babeh, come to Vicky's mauf!!

One habit that All people must know about Vicky

That is :


I will definitely finish up my drink before the food arrives O.O
Weird habit huh? So I always end up fanning my mouth
when I eat hot stuff, No water.

Eating Fish and Chips with Irene is Fun!

She fed me from the day I stepped into Pilley College until now.
She'd became my 奶妈 in Sibu already
So Mother and Father in Brunei, No worries! ^^

For I have a very Nice and Kind 奶妈

Neeway, I'll end up my post here.
Had a great day with Rene Rene! ^^
Love ya muakz

Missing Kew badly :(

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wen pink said...

eh just now don have this post one ar.. u ngam ngam posted? haha!

chris_lim said...

The ramen colour looks nice. Make me hungry only...

Vicky 刘宁 said...

Vicky to Wen pink:

Yeah ^^ Just post this up :X

Vicky to Chris Lim :

You can try too ^^ HAhahaha

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