Goodbye Tu Ow Ow Naive

I am 4 days late to wish all my readers Happy New Year O.O

Well, can't get along with blogging because Vicky is too busy and very busy indeed. I have to crawl out from bed and start to work everyday and then.

I've realized that 2009 really past so fast that I can't even catch up with it.
My everyday life are like




and Sleep.

My only entertainment, Solo Movie Whore.

Well, that is what I call my busy life,
I belong to folk who can't stay at home and do nothing.
I have to do SOMETHING!
Or I will end up like a cat staring at the wall.

No regrets of living 2009 :>

And now 2010 approached, let's walk with the time
Fully utilize every moment, to live a better year!


My hair is getting longer again!
Sighed, see how wavy is it?


Have you ever thought what if Vicky chose to grow a longer hair? o.O


Yeah, that how I will gonna look like with a long hair.

Guess what? It's was new year and
My Elder Sister Birthday as well!

Celebrated at Tanahmas

Birthday cake with mango slices, best cake ever!

Happy Birthday Ah Jia :)

It's really nice and suitable for sweet lover like me! :>

Well known "Cincau with Milk"

And Lemonade XXL SIZE!

As usual, Fish and Chips for Vicky Me :P

The countdown was great.
And it's my first time to a Pub O.O"
Very Smoky and Noisy.
Guess I not suitable to be a bad night cat after all.
A good thing, thanks to Bible

Instead of going to Pubs or clubs, Vicky chose to eat Sushi!

on 01/01/2010

I asked Esther Emmy and Hie Ing to meet up at
Sushi Tie Parkson.

Well, not like I'm gonna eat alone right?


So as I eat every dishes, I make wishes for 2010 too.

Not mine :/

Not mine too, just took photo of it :P

Nope, not this one...

Ahh, Oyster clam.
Wish No.1:
A sip of oyster flesh, A better study!

Rice with chicken :/
Not for anti-rice me.

Wish No.2:
A bag of Inari Egg Mayo,
A bag of happiness to me and those I cared of.

Looking nice and delicious unknown dish.


Ahh, now now the big thing

Here's the biggest wish!
But I have to sacrifice too.

I ordered the Dragon Ball

I finished up the inner feeling

Put some Wasabi into it.

Maybe more...
so that my last wish will be come true as soon as possible.

WASA-KY is back for a higher challenge!!

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng

She put it into her mouth all at once!

Is this possible?!

Will she able to remain alive?!

This is crazy!

She must be going nuts!

Well, I'm telling you.
I coughed and coughed and coughed till half dead x(

And Emmy there, she kept on laughing at me =.=
So I laughed too, making the coughing worst,
can't get a chance to breath while coughing.

I teared up! Oh my...
See how big the sacrifice I took :S

I have to, I really have to do this.
To get my last wish come true.

Bluek, I heard them said last wish should never be exposed.
So I will not tell ya'll :P

People will say :"As if like we care bout your last wish"
Vicky : ":( :( :("

This is really a lot of plates o.O

Went to have breakfast with Chai Yiiun the other day.
Her Beef kampua!

Same me, Laksa no meat.

I took this when my colleague about to eat her lunch
Looks delicious ei?

Guess what? I watched Avatar for the second time!


I really have no idea why am I becoming like this.
I love watching movie alone :/

Empty cinema hall, waiting for the Avatar movie starts.


Once again accompanied by William Milk Tea :)

Well, by the time I finished the movie, it's already 2.30am
Avatar never be bored! :)

Christmas over, New year eve over, English new year over

Chinese New year is coming!

It's time for Vicky to buy new clothes, but not in the mood now.
Sighed, so emo me :<

PS: Please get well soon, so I can live a normal life.

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