From Sibu to Brunei to Sibu

I am so Soweeeeee!!!!! ^^"

For 2 weeks of blogless days.

Well, well, all the pictures below are from Sibu to Brunei to Sibu
Please be sure that you have around 20 minutes of free time
to read this post,
Vicky don't like people read half half then say:

"Aiya, want to go pee"

Anyhow, here I begin with in Sibu first ^^

Picture I took with my HP friends before me leaving to Brunei

You know what? I can't even sleep the whole night
before the departing, TOO EXITED!

So Cam whore a bit >.<

Next morning after that


To prevent me from getting hungry or bored

Irene Girl girl bought me Fishy Biscuits!!!!
Love it so much ^^

Japanese book for everyone?
I was like reading it aloud in the bus

"Kyo wa Atsui desu"
(Today is hot)

The passenger beside me was like...


Or maybe I should read it quietly ...

A peanut sweet from my sister ^^
from Thailand, don't pray pray

Because of the boredness, Vicky played something stupid

Hey look it's a Fishy!

Oh no! Shar-ky is coming!!!!

And NUMB! The fishy's tail had been eaten by Shar-ky O.O"

The fish don't give up, it continues to swim...
But the cruel Shar-ky again NUMB!

Fishy left one head....


--------Story End--------

Arrived at the Batu Niah stop, where I took away some food.

Another Thailand gift from my sister
Cutey Checked Ribbon!

7 hours later....

I arrived Miri Bus station
With my flat Pigu (7 hours of sitting I repeat)
I took my luggage and waited for the rented car...
In chinese term it's "Bawang Car"

I sat at the very back...

The Miri Brunei Custom!

Here Here I tell you all, this car is called "Kijang"
In Sibu many "Kenari"
In Brunei many "Kijang"
A very common car in Brunei :)
Ok, class end.

In the car not only me, there were other passengers too

Look at these cutey girls!

A bit cam whore while waiting for the driver

Ok! And here here I tell you all

In Brunei there is only Shell station
No more other stations like Petronas
Ok, class end.

The cute elder sister.

The younger sister!
She likes to eat Pringles o.O
Spicy flavoured lagi~

The elder sister likes to take picture with me too >.<
See See, how creative that look was?

Won't forget you girls ;)

2.30 hours later...


I can smell my bed from here...

That night I learnt that my brother is going to treat us SUSHI!

The Excapade...

Daddy and Mummy

Lovely Brother

Oh my!!!!!!!!!!!





Too excited~

Me and Koko, look alike?

The deep fried Salmon Skin

For more info of this shop, call me.

Ok, may Vicky intro you all

Brunei's "THE MALL"

Bigger than Delta Mall

The Cinema zone

I bought ticket for "The princess and the Frog"

I.P. Zone~

They got very pretty Ice Creams too!

And Vicky chose the Mango flavoured one~


And may Vicky intro you all one of my bestie Crystal!
She got her hair longer, mature mature... :)

Whou man, I would never miss the Crepe out for sure!

Peanut Butter Crepe!

Doraemon's muffin!
We call it "Dorayaki" in term...

What? If nice let friend know, not nice let you know?
Haha, if for customer like me
If not nice I will let the world know :P

Nola, just kidding,
If nice or vice versa I will let myself know la.. ^^

Meet the Ah Chai

Meet the Ngok Ngok

Hmm, no offense but they really like the peace pose
Just like Kiddo ME! ^^V

I don't know why but Crystal really like to show her hand to me
whenever I try to take her picture :/

Ah Liang!

On the way to have a tea... I saw this Y-mate massage machine...
Looks interesting :)

Donut Donut!!! Many choices like Big Apple...

Well, he just can't miss the peace pose out =.=

Crystal and a bit Niang Ngok... :X

LOL! I don't know how this picture is taken
But I really look like Hamsap la T.T


Sooner Crystal's pose affected the other 2 ....
No more peace pose for them

The Yin Yang Man

The.. Erm... Wada~~ Man

The waiter is funny but somehow friendly too...
Oh by the way, this place is called "Cheezbox"

French Fried~

Whou totally! I love this dish although I didn't get the chance to eat it as I was full that time.. The sphere there, it is fried on the outside but guess what?!

It's cold on the Inside :)

The Ice Cream~ :P

Ngok Ngok sure enjoying that time :< *Jealous

They ordered a red tea...

Add Image

The petal looks like crysantunum but tasted differently...

Laptop is provided there with free internet access!
Somehow, the keyboard is not working well :/

The Peanut butter Toast :P Nicey~

Crystal ordered 2 eggs, Hmm...
Aren't that suppose to be for breakfast? o.O

Oh well, I was the egg cracker!

I crack crack crack

I gorek gorek gorek

And Tada!!!! Half boiled egg yolks with pepper topped!

Yeap, this is the Cheez Box I am talking about :)

And after the gathering, went to watch the Princess and the Frog
Weird thing is that, Sibu don't have trailer nor on cinema for this
Maybe Sibu don't like watching fairy tales? :<
See that Big Big Big poster?

Passed across Secret Recipe where cakes are nice!

And Delicious too!

The next morning,
Went for a visit to Crystal's house...

She taught me of how to do Christmas Sock!
She really pro in doing handi craft, really one word..


Prepare 2 plain red cloth with roughly cutout of sock shape

Sew Sew Sew Knit Knit Knit
Then put in some cotton wools...

Then Sew them up!

TADA! This one is made from Crystal to one of our bestie too

Ok fun time over!
Now come to serious thing.
Vicky will get her hair cut!!

Many people thought that the picture I posted up
previous post is me... =.=
That is Gui Gui la... haiyo

Ok, me with long hair...

Katty hair saloon!

Gah~ Noob me =.=

After the Cutting...

I went to buy the kokoberry drink ^^

Then Crystal brought me to Swensens restaurant

Nah, here is Vicky with her newly cut bob hair..

Got become mature abit abit not? o.O

Main dish of Swensens! For Vicky la ^^"

Holy cow! I forgotten the name already T.T
I was like repeating it's name for like 20+ times?
And yet still "Bangala-know-nothing"

Add on pepper would be nice :P
The outer shell is not pumpkin in case u're doubting.
It's Bread! plus Mushroom soup inside

Vicky love it and enjoyed!

Fishy and Chipy!!!

Haha, I had promised myself that I would
like to try every fish and chips around!

=.= She just love showing her bread.. that's all :/

Nee Way~

At home showing Bob Hair style!

Side View

Wou Wou, love this picture
Nice curve on the side there

Back View

Hmm, doesn't look like Gui Gui's one tho :<

Oh well, Just loving it >.<
Different thing I can see here is that
Brunei people do really look up to health :)
Including Malay and Chinese

Tasek Lama also got a very beautiful waterfall
It looks so clear, fresh, clean, cool, green, breezy~

Vicky feels like drinking it!!!!

Arh, don't ask why...
She just love being like that... Lol ^^

Haha, playing see saw with Crystal
Oh well, she want to play so I accompany her lo
(Actually me also eager of playing it :x)

No No, I'm not Vicky

Crystal and her mom :D

I just love it!!!! Swing Swing Swing~ ^o^

K, time to back off now...

Crystal brought me to nearby cafeteria...

I ordered a big glass Milo >.<

Crystal's Kolo Mee
In Sibu it is called "Kampua"

Laksa for me ^^ Not Sarawak Laksa anymore but..
Brunei Laksa

After the Breakfast, I drove to my ex-school

Arh, the honourable gate... :)

My secondary block....
Where me and my gang used to hang out and bang people to the wall..
(Wou! Sounds like I was Big Sister man...
Well, I was just an ordinary school girl :/ )

Ok, here here people..
May Vicky intro you all...

CHMS Field!

=.= What so special about it? ( I know u gonna ask that :P)
Don't pray pray, this field is part of my school life
I trained and ran on this field almost every afternoon after school
Team of track and field? Yeah :)
But now? Run only 5 minutes already feel like collapsing... >.<

I won't forget my "mother school" :P

Night Time!!

Brunei's Jerudong Park have re-opened!

Bumper Castle~

Another Bumper... ==

And the next thing I knew was...

There got 2 ways

One way not really excited
One way really excited

The closed gate is really exited one... :<

Not exited but funny... Swing pole without Swing

Jokerman in the middle round and round...
You spin me round and round...

The pirate boat..

The caterpillar...
I remembered I was so exited of sitting on it

This is the Deadmans Cove
Where you aim at the target and shot..
If target aimed, they will shot you back with water.
Nice Game huh?

You have to buy a ticket worth B$10.00 to play games
One game a hole will be punched for each people..
New rule!

Me and Joyce :P
We look like a very pro hunter la ^^"

Then this is one of the most welcoming game

Because there are too many people alined up.
We chose to gave up waiting :< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">
Me and cutey Joyce, she's almost as tall as me
when we're 6 years old aparted T.T
Failed me...

Lastly will be the Merry-go-round!

I had a great and memoriable time :)

Ok here is one of my favourite place!


In Sibu it is called "Ice City"

Blue lights

Me and Mummy, I grabbed her over :P
She said that she had never try this before O.O
How can this be? I can't accept this... I can't... really...

Nee Way, I ordered The Green Tea Overdose!

It's nice for me but not my mom, she thinks it's too bitter
LOL ^^ Yea, it's really kinda bitter
0% fats! Who cares? :D

Next I stopped my mom at the Dairy Queen stores in The Mall

I got my receipt... :<

One thing special about this Ice Cream is that..

They won't drop out when u hold them upside down! ^o^

Night time of that day....

Clifford brought me to Kimchi Restaurant
Korean food! >.<

You can grill raw meat too :>

You know which one is Kimchi?

This one!

A bit sour sour but I like it ^^

Clifford grilling the chicken meat...

One thing that you all won't believe is that...

This bowl....

It's the RICE!!!! O.O"""""
People, It's RICE!!!!! ARHHH...

Ok, for some readers may not know why am I screaming..
But I'm telling you why, I'm anti-rice! (Except Sushi)

And the big part is following...





The world had come to an end!
Vicky ate RICE! O.O""

Well, this is how korean people eat with the dishes..
Lettuce with some fishes and ... RICE!

Grilled Eel, this is the best eel I have ever eaten!!!!

Korean Pancake! Oh my, I'm writing this sentence with
my saliva dripping :S

Really delicious I can say :)

You can put ingredient on it!
Like for example : Fishes *always fish for me :)*
And if you are professional roller,
you can roll as well as Clifford

This :)

And if you are not a good roller...
You might end up like Vicky... :<
This ....

Grilled eel with... RICE!


I had finished a bowl of rice!
... Please don't tell my mom :X

Anyway, thanks for the treat Clifford :)
Am appreciated!

Went to had a little supper with my brother

Vicky with the Big glass Milo...

Koko and his lovely Mee Mamak!

Brunei Mee Mamak...

Next Morning!!!

I've decided to bake cookies :P

Meet the cookie baker, Coo-ky

Ingredients prepared :

Walnut chocolate chip powder

One cup of butter

Preheat oven to 180 degree celcius

And of course, the blender machine

Beat one egg and butter together till they become fluffy

Like this...

Then prepare the Walnut Chocolate Chip Powder

Bit by bit, pour them into the blender till it starts to form dough

Take off the beating utensil

Manually put in the flour bit by bit until finished


Prepare a cookie sheet, no need to maganirate it
Because the cookie itself is oily already.

Use spoon to scop out and drop onto the cookie sheet

Put them into the hot oven..
Watch out for the hot grill O.O

TADA!!! Cookies are formed!!! :P

Get them cooled up

The let's go for a try!

Coo-ky the master cookie baker gave a try


What The?????



Master Coo-ky gave a thumb up!!!

Ok, now wrap them if you want to gift them to someone special
Or eat them if you want to digest them...

Coo-ky chose to wrap them :)

Nice :)

Make sure they can stay on your head
To ensure that they are flat bottomed

What the...

Went to watch Bodyguards and Assassins with my brother that night
Before the day I off back to Sibu :<

The Cinema Hall...

Next Morning...

Took a ride to Miri :( Sad~
Thanks to Clifford and the family for the ride :>

Me and Joyce before the departure

I rode on the MasWings

Cute Aeroplane... :)

Good thing that beside me is empty seat :)
I can Camwhore Freeeely...

A Mini Monitor for each seat will be provided
Nice :)

Apple juice drink is provided too :P
Really regret didn't get to grab the milo pack at the first time

Camwhore >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Back to Sibu ... Sighed~

I think I got addicted to watching movie Solo..
Afternoon I just arrived, Night time straight I went to watch
Christmas Carol

A bit Crazy me...

Bought William Milk Tea :>

Next Morning
Back to work!

Aww, What's with the sad look?
I know you miss me too Hush Puppies :)

Night time!
Solo Again! Alvin and the Chipmunks! >.<

Accompanied by William Milk tea too ^o^

Christmas Eve...

Prepared presents for Friends and family :)

Went to Tanahmas with sisters and cousin Andrew

Cincau with Milk

Vicky's lovely Fish and Chips

My presents received for that day!
Thanks to you all ^.^
Am happy :D

Christmas Day?
Well, Vicky don't really celebrate :(
Sad thing huh? Oh well
As long as I remembered that it's the day when
Lord Jesus was borned! A blessed day!

Went to my grandma's birthday party on the 27th..

She is one cute grandma :)

Happy birthday grandma!

Fishes.... O.O

Hung out with my sisters previous night :)

Sorry.. I want to change my camwhore habit
But... I can't... :(

Coselow Salad of Cafe Cafe Sibu

Potato Salad! :)
Nice Nice, better try it out yea!

Tuna bread :P

I wonder if yogurt for breakfast is recommended or not? :/

That night
Kew brought me to see the christmas trees!
Hmm, seemed like
I haven't really celebrate my christmas with him yet.

Had a great night that day :)


People ask :"What now?"
Vicky said :"It's already 4.50AM" T.T



Can't sleep now and I have to work at 7.30am later

Aiya, Alanglang one, no need sleep la ^o^

Stay Awake! O_O

Well, I got so released when I finished up my posting.
Really... So... Released

I've been so stressed up as I can't finish my posting
because there were too many pictures...

I wonder people will look until here or not? :/

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