What Vicky crazy after exam?

Internal Exams are OVER!
Just after the freaking exams
Me and Irene the Fish Hunter went to Tanahmas!

LOL, we two looked like 2 kampong kids come to the big town
But you know Vicky a good actor la
I act very cool looking and high class manner >.<

Look at Irene, She looks exited and depressed
*Shakes head* =.="

Vicky said with a very high class voice to the waiter:
" Erm sir, what is the soup of the day?"
The waiter answered :" Tunggu Arr, Saya pergi tanya Chef dulu"

The waiter came back and answered :"THE POWER SOUP"
Without any further hesitation, I said:
"Ok, may I order 2 serves please"

And I felt so regret when I knew that it's a beef soup T.T
With hot chili!

And this is the consequence


Left over : Meat and Chili >..<

Next I ordered a "Attractive-named-yet-out-of-expectation" dish
Forgotten the name, something "Fay Fry" Fish Fillet?

But This is not I want T.T

I want something like that



This dish is DELICIOUS,
but it just... Well... not enough for both of us ^^"

Vicky loves only Green Broccoli not White one!
Because I love more
Green Nigro Hair rather than White Short Shave Hair :/

This is not the end yet la ^^

Next Station,

Sibu Singapore Chicken Rice Restaurant!

It is so crowded that me and Irene can hardly
find a convenient seat to sit.

LOL! Cannot-satisfy Face~

We ordered Cincao Susu and 3 coloured milk Tea

YAY!! This is what Vicky want ler
Haha, in Chicken Rice Restaurant eat Fish and Chips =.="

Vicky so Enjoyed mo! ^^

Hmm, forgotten when is this picture taken :/
But Oh well ^^
Just wanna share with you all one of my favourite :)

My lovely cute Grandma!
On the way fetching Cousin Andrew from the airport

Haha, how cute my colleagues are?
They are both Iban yet they full of sense of humor!
One of my laughter source

Went Breakfast with my elder sister last few days~
The famous Sibu Kampua!!

And Vicky Favourite Don Fen!

Ok Ok, got to get to bed now,
Planning to go for a jog tomorrow!!

It has been a long time since I last jog
No wonder this few days I realised a few fat fat on belly mo T.T
Shake shake shake, let Vicky shake off her Fat Fat on the Belly


-missing kew-

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