Two Zero One Two !

An outing with the Boyfriend

Forced him to try on checked shirt
Not bad what~

There is one more checked shirt from Levi's,
but didn't had the chance to take a photo of it :(

Then at night time we're out for a 2012 movie!

I've booked the ticket for it like few days ago
when the ticket selling was opened

See how serious am I wishing for a chance to watch 2012?

I bought "Cut oil" drink for that day
Hmm, cut oil eh?


It kinda review the Noah's ark incident in the bible, but somehow in a current era version. After watching this movie, I felt like things I do now no longer matter anymore. Like what for I study so much? What for I "pia" till like life and death? The world is coming to an END! Haha, guess most of the people will got affected by the movie. And the animation 3D is so real that you can imagine yourself living in the scenes breathing. LOVE IT!!!

What amazed me in the movie is that the character which is a normal ordinary writer of a book, named "Farewell.." thingy, forgotten~ He managed to save his family and his own life, escaping from so many dangerous and critical situations! So Exciting, I wish I were in the movie, running with the Character, WOU! Dreaming too much =.= Anyway, I decided to buy a Blue-Ray CD of it and keep it nice in my collection book ^^

Watching it in Cinema with better audio is more worth than a small TV screen at home right?

-missing kew-
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