Things I do when Feeling Stressy

I... I ... I can't stand it any longer...
My head My brain My hair My head skull
They're all going to.... BURST INTO JUICES!
This is how I felt when I'm over stressed from coming exam

And I told my grandma :" MAMA, I'm going out for a while."
My grandma said :"Kuo Dui Erh?" (go where?)
I said :" Go drive around to release stress"
My grandma said :
"Oehh~ Mai Kuo Ma Man, Cake Cake Duen Ni O, Eh You Meh?"
(o, come back home early, understood?)

SO... Vicky went to Parkson!
And guess what? I found new Checked shirt~

Applemints Checked Shirt
Dirty Green

I bought this one :) Reddish color

After realizing that I had not been drinking water for the whole day
I went to "Cin San" near delta mall

And bought Fruit Ice for RM3.00

And this one "5 tastes soup"

Don't get surprised! I'm a water tank, Remember?

This Fruit ice, don't pray pray
Look Nice taste Nice Feel nice!
My ... I just can't .. express the happiness~

Love you Very Much~!

Have a closer look at it
Got Dragon fruit, water melon, jellies and
Of course! MILK!! My favourite~

Second round I focus on "5 tastes soup"
Very refreshing dessert
Especially the Cool Ice Shaves ^^

Yummy Yummy~

the only thing that I don't really like is this..
Don't know what is it called :/
A bit like eating Sugar, too sweet

And BURP~ Wahaha
And Vicky got energy to study again!

The next morning:

Sleepy Look T.T

-missing kew-

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Anonymous said...

Hey victoria, henry here...i eat guo the fruit ice at sibu there....... i reali like it...... kinda missed it now... haha.... btw, sibu reali many nice and cheap food..........

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