An Outing With Irene Dear Dear!

Vicky said : " Hi Irene Dear, I feel like going out to eat tomorrow morning,
don't know if you.. If you're .. (Shy XD) Free to eat with me?"
Irene said :"Of the course!" *Without any single hesitation

The Next Day

Wooo ... Vicky looks so handsome man >.<

All pictures from this post is taken by TIZY (My lumix camera-chan)

Laksa From ALOHA again! ^^"

Adding "Suan-Ji" is a MUST!

There is no need to remove seeds

Well, "ALOHA" restaurant is the old place for
me and Irene to have our breakfast normally

Where Breakfast Irene? ALOHA
Where Breakfast Vicky? ALOHA
Where Breakfast Everyone? ALOHA

Say, Look how coolz Vicky is when she's driving
I were about melting every time I see this picture
Mehhhh~ ^^"

May Vicky presento her most welcomo no Teddeh!

And my Hard-buddeh!

This picture is taken from a normal zoom of TIZY
(My lumix camera-chan)

From the same position, I zoomed the camera

Till I can clearly see the car plate number!
About 60m away from me man~
Hmmm, my glasses no longer in use anymore :P

France "Kickers" brand canvas Shoe~

Ever heard of "WeCare" bakery shop?
This is it! Actually I wanted to take all the pretty decorated bread inside
Guess it's not allowed :(
So instead of it, I bought some home :)

Firstly, Yam bread covered with fried egg!

This is truly my favorite as it's yam flavored.

Next is the Chicken pox Bread! *I name this myself XD
Cause it really looks like chicken pox on the face la
Well, it's something like cookies, unique :P


Lastly will be the "Mao Mao Chong" Bread!
In chinese it means Caterpillar
Yea, I meant it! I think it's because of it's out shape
So look alike with caterpillar la... A fat Caterpillar ><

Inside? Buttermilk! Totally love it! :P

My grandma's cook XD
Don pray pray, it looks normal~
But the taste is... is ....
Heaven I can say (~.~)

-Missing Kew-

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