Once a badminton hero?

It's my off day yesterday!
And it had been a while since I go exercise
My face, my arm, my waist, my thigh, my leg!
ARR, can be professional fatter le.

So I asked my cousin Andrew to accompany me to play badminton!

Wou Wou,
look my forehead which had not been exposed
to the sunlight
ever since I fringed my front hair,
so shiny la

This is the place where me and Andrew went.
EDEN HOTEL's top floor

From outside, I look like a
"First Class Crime" jailer >.<

Really I tell you all, the hall look like a place
where the jailers had their break and exercise place.

The floor is very "no-break"
Even if you wear the best badminton shoe in the world
The best breaker shoe,
will ended up slippery there :/

Every people, meet my lovely cousin Andrew ^^

Meet the Vicky with sweaty face >.< SYOK~
I were once a badminton player in my Brunei school,
now my skill like Grade 1 player T.T Meh~

On the way home, the sky looks incredible

Night time...

Went out with the boyfriend

We went to the
Kent's Kitchen

Cappuccino with love-shaped bubble on the top

Vicky said :" Talk to my hand"

This is "KK Fried Rice"
Cook from Kota Kinabalu and Pos Laju to Sibu

See how enjoyable is him?
Am happy to see him eat...

Fish and Chip!
Vicky love it very much! :D

Very delicious and juicy!

I am so full and almost burst out my intestine that time
And it's counted as SUPPER!
Afternoon badminton already burnt out many calories

Now that time I ate back those calories le :(

But who cares?
As long as I'd my meal with him can de ^^

No matter how much I have to eat :P

-missing kew-

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