Breakfast with HP!

8.30am in the morning, fresh air with fresh breath.
Started car engine and off to ALOHA^^

Meet the red and the white!

The square and the pink!

A breakfast with a juicy looking "Kolo Mee"
The best morning ever I tell ya

Who say roti canai telur is not nice?
Vicky go and knock knock your head

And HUALA! This is what I ordered this morning

And it is "FISH BALL" only
The moment I eat the "Don Fen",
I'd realized that I've not been eating such delicious "Don Fen" le T.T
Felt so sorry for myself, I'm sorry tummy :(

CY ordered "Don Fen Goreng"
My breakfast dish's sister >.<

I bought 2 bottle of milk tea from "Tai Kiong"
Made from Taiwan!

Green coloured is green tea flavoured
I love the smell, taste like perfume :)

The red one Vicky love more!
Taste more original

LUNCH for Vicky
Another Don Fen =.="
Me very weird one, once I got addicted to a certain thing,
I will continually repeat and repeat until I got addict to other things.
So "flower" la me ^^BUT,
have to emphasize here that the "flower" thingy not applicable on relationship :)

CY loves "hot and sexy" Laksa

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