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My sis bought me this sweet, nice~ Meiji

LOL! I really embarrassed all my friends out there, I told them that 8.30-9.30 all the power supply will be off by themselves. LOL, they told their parent and friends proudly without knowing that actually the info I gave to them are actually wrong! So sorry...

Well, I was not at home that one hour, I was at work that time, didn't bring my lappy, so I asked my friend to take the pictures for me... and Bluetooth to my lappy tomorrow Sunday morning ^.^

Oh ya!! NEW ARRIVAL from HUSH PUPPIES, Big Dog Logo^^ 4 different colours!





These are extremely cute and nice and casual moreover in other means of classic.
The most attractive part is that it only cost for RM69.90!
The price value is kinda low as compared other popular brands.

Anyway, Today is April Fool day, not FUN at all :(... Sighed~ Well, we got new colleague coming too^^ and Bon Voyage to
Xiao Fong, the one with Pink... She is really an unique little girl, I always got my laughter from her, I got joy from her, I got myself back whenever we talked and crazy-ing... A little crown that makes people around her laugh with joy...

We always acted like we're lesbian, wahaha... That's the craziness we always do in hush Puppies... The way we looked each other, the way when I pick something from the ground and on the same time she also pick something from the ground and we looked at each other soul and quietly.... LOL!!!!

I really had a good time with her, and definitely won't forget her for sure!!


Well, last Friday our church organized something like prom night event and we are asked to wear a proper dress... and Guess what?? Vicky don't have la... just simply GOREK from cupboard and found a dress given by my sister, I don't really wear it but since there is no choice so I picked it...

See my other 2 friends, they were so pretty that night, sighed~ I just can't get off my chubby face!! It just won't leave me :( I know there is one way, that is don't eat.... My face will be sharpened, but that's really suffering to me... No energy to talk and kepo.... so I just get back to normal life with proper meal...

I just Finished my masking-ing felt so refreshing now^.^

Got to go study now, gonna have test tomorrow, LOL and its 1.10 am now, where is my schedule?? Sighed~ Have to jog again later 5.45am... I think I'll sleep first then woke up, I'll go jog then home bath then study then school,
Thats IT!!!

GOOd Night!!^.^


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IIxiao fongII said...

vicky...what more can i say?
I do miss u guys badly..
and i really wanna go back there and spending my whole time with ya..
i love u!
thx for ur description bout me..
i'm crying actually while reading ur blog..T.T

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