Hush Puppies

Woke up in the morning
Breathe in some Fresh Air^.^
Gush, I'm late =.=
Not late for school
But late for Jogging ~.~
Vicky have decided to JOG every morning
On behalf of FATS on my chubby face
Where Can I get extra energy source from?

U people know whats Hush Puppies already right?
Just really wanna share with u people
I'll took some pictures of some clothes of them

Before that, 2 pictures of me and my colleagues...


This Dog is called Basset, well, rarely will find so fat one =.="
Free Gift Cup

Thick Stripes Purple and Pink

RM49.90 only for this Black and Grey Stripes

With a Hush Puppies Logo^.^

Saw the 58? Guess what? Hush Puppies is 58 years old!

I like this purple, RM33.90 only

Black shirt and White collar... Kinda small to me since it gifted by someone.
"S" Size +.+ I'm "M" Size

The lable there wrote "TQ" I wonder what it stands for...
In chinese is 靛蓝
Kinda formal and cute, the logo actually the same colour, so it's not visible but HIGH CLASS

And lastly, I'm wearing my favourite one
The Biggest Hush Puppies Logo among the clothes, haha^.^

K, thats all, Suddenly felt like I'm a promoter ki...=.=
Haha, anyway, Feeling good today so Vicky wana share everything she had with u all ^.^
Including happiness of course~
Thanks everyone, Vicky have fully recovered
Back to normal
A life where I can post up happy things everyday^.^
Love you all Friends

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