Friend, that's the best after all...

Camwhoring~ Thats our best moment

Camwhoring myself is kinda bored~

I will be satisfy if someone beside me when I'm in need

No tears

No more sadness

Sharing happiness

We fight for womanizer

Calls from friends, caring~

We laugh together

We love each other

Never be alone anymore^^

We're just a palm apart

We're from different place and world and lives

Its a fate for us to be met in HP

No more emo-ing

I found back myself

Because of friends

A friend that can accompany me

A Friend that can calm me

New feelings for me, new feeling for lappy too,
hello Kitty cover for her

Even the mirror reviewed of how
strong friendship are to me...

I have promised my family to live a better life, its not worth at all to ruin ur own life because of others, its not worth at all... God gave us a life to live for Him and of course, Happily~

Anyway, back to now^^Today I met 2 Ah Gua customers, they were so sweet and they talk softly...I really wanna chat more with them.. the way they hold the things, the way they treat us, the way they spoke nicely to us.... I just simply love them!!! I realised that if all the man in the world are AH GUA... That would be so much good^.^ Haha, kidding~ We still need to marry de la ==

Well, got to go~ Working~ Jia you Vicky and thanks to all brunei friends who encouraged me, you guys and gals really helped me... Love u people^.^ MUAKZ~


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