Brunei Beach

Life in Brunei
All I can Say is... ...

Me and My brother Spent some times with church's Friends

( Oh my, see me at the back there??)

That was a very good sunny but not that sunny day, the cool breeze, the warm sun, the cold splashes from the sea waves~ Goodness, so wanna move my house to there~ T.T

( Musculies =.=)

Not gonna see my face, haha
Coz I'm the camera Girl
And I'm the only girl there=.=
But Nevermind, accompanied by my brother
We all are like brothers and sisters in Christ^.^
So doesn't matter^^

... ... =.="

(Paul, a very jokey friend)

I wanna do my Leg's photo album, then Bing came and Kacau~ Great -.-

( Love this very much)

Guess Who I saw?? I saw Denise!! And Chloe!! And Nicole!! And Nyssa!!
I was like O.O

Haha, Happy!!!
Denise changed alot, Into a pretty grown up girl^^
And Nyssa too, Uuu, I saw her make up there~
And Nicole, More pretty and Pretty, and know what she said to me?
"Wa, vicky"
This girl, I almost met her anywhere, everyday, everywhere
Kinda like fate fate
Haha, we're like so speechless when see each other again on the beach

( This hat, looks funny and so so so funny, one sided eye brow)

( It looks more funny when Xian's bro wore it)

Because of forgotten to brim the beach ball, we went to buy a new one. Cheap but Fun!!
If I'm not forgetful, the picture on it is Cinderella~ haha^^

Well, after 2 hours plus, We have gotten quite tired~ Mind is calling for HOME!!

Haiyo, So wanna see me ha??? K la, here's my feet and my brother's

Wanna see me??? Here, My neck~ (accidentally captured)

Thats all you people can see about me =.=
So sorry, I too non pictures of myself
but got group pictures^^
Its with Paul =.=

!!!Going Home!!!

Missing 骏 Badly :'(


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