Vicky with Deanna | Sentosa Island.Vivo City

I have been travelling a lot recently, some more free tour! For this post I'm gonna blog about my trip to Sentosa Island with one of my wonderful church friend, Deanna. I can't thank her enough T.T She's way too kind to spend her time with me :')

Before that...

Bought this Granola yogurt for dinner, I find it cool so I wish to share with you lol!
It comes with 2 separate portions, one for the Granola nuts and the other for yogurt.

Stir well and...
Tada! My japanese spoon made it looks more awesome! Healthy dinner aye?

Me and Deanna meet at Somerset MRT Station, from there we go to Vivo City.
First stop Candy Empire at Vivo City!
A pool of sweet smelling candies, seriously that is every child's dreamland yo!

Sweet lovers may rather spend half of their life here enjoying all these candies, I feel so excited and happy for no reason I don't know why, probably the scent sugar-rushed my brain mentally lol!

Children's playground!
I wish I could bring my nephew Rufus here, he loves to drive, got formula 1 some more!

Yellow looking pool, it's not the water that is yellowish, it's the pool base.
Mind tricked me o.o

Beautiful scenery from the roof top of Vivo City. The island opposite is Sentosa Island!

Me and Deanna :D

This swing-man scared me at first, from far I thought someone is doing a swing swing performance lolz. When I got near, it's just a wooden no-face man that swings when there is wind O.O From the info I got, it's used to generate some sort of electricity or something. Keep swinging!

Very skinny snowman o.o Deanna and I think it's weird, you know snowman should be fat and round right? Or maybe it's not Chrismas now, the ice melted and that's why he got skinnier. Rubbish self-assumption =.=

Going to Sentosa Island! Excited to the max!

This is the monorail to Sentosa Island. The train is very small compare to the normal MRT. With lots of cute colours ^.^

This is Vivo City outlook, Singapore's largest retail and lifestyle destination (view from inside the train) The unique design is done by a Japanese architect named Toyo Ito, truly talented.

Me and Deanna. Yes that face is telling you that we are so ready for the fun!

Almost there, almost there, almost there...

One of the hotel in Sentosa Island. Can't find the name in google, I search for pink/purple/orange hotel at Sentosa, all they show is only the hotel by the beach.

Entering Sentosa Island, gonna type a lot of "sentosa island" in this post =.=

Garrett Pop Corn is everywhere! Yet I haven't try it until now. Must skip a meal for that popcorn meal one day haha X)

Deanna with a large bottle of Hershey's Syrup! But all of them are empty I don't know why.

Me and the largest Hershey's Syrup bottle in the shop!

Universal globe spinning, super cool! I thought I have seen this somewhere else in the movie intro hmmm :/

View of Universal Studio from the entrance, yeah we didn't go in because the ticket is so mahal, I shall wait till my family come, you know what I meant doncha? heh heh heh

Candy tree! No wonder kids and children love this place *denying she's the one who loves it*

See the vegetarian word on the right? It says "Be a vegetarian, eat candy!" Reminds me of one of my vegetarian friend in Brunei, Jucy Low, IT'S YOUR WORLD YOUR WORLD INDEED!

Colourful candy wall, I wonder if they are edible.

Me and Jelly Belly, which is also a candy shop.
Sounds more like 'eat lots of jelly and get a belly like them'!

The Thinker. Take your time sir, I will wait.

Back view of a giant naked couple. No I didn't take the picture of the front view. Sorry to disappoint you.

This hotel is call Festive Hotel, Sentosa Island.

See I told you that many remarkable places in Singapore must have at least one water fountain, never fail to impress :D

There there, the merlion statue, haven't seen one that pour water out of its mouth yet so far.

Cute little merlion! I really like it! Awww

Me and Deanna in a 3d photoframe! Obviously epic fail lol! Nevertheless, thanks to the guy who is willing to help us snap our picture :)

MermaidLion, the lion head with the body of fish. There's actually a story behind this, please don't expect me to story lol, however I can link you to wikipedia if you wanna read, click HERE.

Gaudi-inspired mosaic walkway lined with colourful mosiac water jets!

Imagine when the people put on the mosiac pieces one by one by hand, it's so original!

Hi I'm blackie.

iFly building at Sentosa Island!

Yes yes, as expected, something about flying. Participant will go inside this big tube and.... in the air!

There will be a tutor/instructor who accompanies the beginners.

The instructor will lift up the participant whenever they touch the surface. It's not wholly about the weight, most importantly is your posture! Have you ever see a squirrel fly in the air, that is how you should pose, I think.

Down by the street, a man holding a snake. The snake looks tired lol.
The man :"Heh look at the snake, seems like I press its neck too hard?"

Because of far distant, and for the sake of our convenience lol, we ride on an open-air bus instead of walking. It's free deshu!

The normal me and Deanna on the bus.

The almost normal me and Deanna on the bus.

Then we stop by the beach :D Weird looking coconut trees.

We are freakingly excited! Till I don't care my crooked teeth.

A group of student playing by the beach, so nice :) Think it's their university orientation period, so nice. Well my school Kaplan also got awesome stuff nyeh, half day city tour!

This place is full of beach feel! I love it so much. Yellow volleyball nets by the beach

Some ships off Sentosa Island, do you know Singapore is the largest port in the world?

A wooden bridge linking to a small island, I will let you know why...

It's a flying fox ride all the way down to that small island aka Megazip adventure park! I wish I can be hang there too :) Somehow this picture looks like that guy 'hang' himself o.o

View from the small island on the rocks, reminds me of Jerudong Beach.

Vicky in Sentosa Island, whoou!

Deanna in Sentosa Island, whoou!

We seriously had a lot of fun :)
We took off our shoes to feel the warm sand and the coolness of sea wave.

Beautiful view of Sentosa Island Beach

There's quite a lot of games and activity held at Sentosa Island Beach that day. Look at this huge football, there is a guy inside!

Rasa Sentosa Resort by the beach. Lot of foreigners live here, bet they love the beach view too!

It's surprising to see peacock in one of the small garden, without any fence or wall. They can actually go around if they want lol. That's the baby peacock by her/his mother side.

Underwater world Singapore, we set the rule as no-ticket trip, so yeah we didn't go in too lolz. But am satisfied to see from the outside.

Whou whou at least we can see staff feeding turtle live! Turle is vegetarian do you know that? And their favourite food is cabbage!

Deanna about to be eaten by the big shark! *pretends to be frightened*

Jungle Trail Entrance at Sentosa Island.

Me and Deanna planned to have a walk inside until we saw the following signboard...
Ok we changed our mind.

Us under my seven-eleven umbrella, a fragile umbrella T.T It's broken now, thanks to the not-so-strong wind.

Took a random picture of the jungle before we u-turn back to the entrance

On the way back to Vivo City :D

Excited and adventurous trip ever in Singapore!

Took this while crossing over the bridge

That's the railway (on the left) to and from Vivo city.

Can't see what the red words say

Deanna, loving the Singapore land so much that she smiles miles away into the ocean lol.

Board walk linking Vivocity and Sentosa, I thought I can only see that flat elevator in airports 0,0

Back to Vivocity, we come to Daiso, a japanese shop which selling ALL the items for S$2.00 only! Seriously? O.O If it's imported from Japan, quality could be guaranteed I guess, but since it's so cheap we should not complain haha.

Cute? Nice? Convenient? $2!

Pet Safari shop Singapore, all about animals :D

Tortoises! I'm so glad I get to see 2 types of turltes in a day, the land type and the sea type, they are probably far related cousins X) So cute isn't it? Baby tortoises awww!

One of the customer's pet dog. So cute, he (i think it's a male) just stood there and let me snap

Came across the so-call 'Dog Salon' See the latest dog hair fashion trend! So ubberly cute!

Baby poodle awaiting for his turn.

No Signboard Seafood Restaurant at Vivo City, yes that's the name of the restaurant. The name is not given by the owner herself (now taken over by her grandson), but the customer instead! Very special and unique!

On MRT going back to forget-the-name station.

Peaceful and green environment, perfect place to vanish stress.

Me and Deanna, yeh we looked exhausted haha.

Garden pathway. Inspires me to held my wedding here :)

It's normal that bridge is built together with staircase right? Believe it or not, you have to use a lift to get to the top of this bridge. Can't see one in Brunei so, sakai me yeah haha!

So yeap, me and Deanna hang around Far East Plaza for a while, where you can buy cheap shoes! That's the end of our trip, we separated at the bus station. Can't thank her enough for the whole afternoon trip! Totally love it, full of fun!
To settle my dinner, I had it at the top level of Far East Plaza in one the Chinese restaurant, ordered my all time favorite Bee Hoon Soup!

With milk, super nice! Especially after a long day of walking.

Before I call it a day, I spent another 5 minutes on DFS Galleria Singapore.

They sell mostly on cosmetic stuffs, perfumes and many other feminine stuffs. Enjoyed their outstanding ceiling decorations.

Beautiful isn't it?

Had lunch with my Vietnamese friend the next day, this is the first time we hang out, she brought me to this lots-of-variety-choices food court.

I had Kimchi Noodle.

Didn't expect for her to take photo of me lol. Got used to the camwhore life ba T.T

Beautiful! Oh by the way, her name is Hang and she can speak English very fluently!

Then we go to the nearby shopping centre, as usual, I forgot the name heh heh.

Then I saw this ...

For soooooo long I've been waiting to see Sticky House! It looks so fun when they are doing all the sticky candy stuff. I see that XiaXue (Famous Singapore blogger) able to try on making the candy, I wonder how she does that, she's so lucky :D

Statue of batman! Super coolz.

Catwoman :) Watched the movie and she looks so pretty!

That's the bad man. But in the end of the movie, it really made me speechless, that's not the real bad man people, as the real bad man is not a man but a woman!

This is rocky the bear, he works in pub, he entertains the customer by showing his sexy fur-less leg XD I burst into laughter when I see him haha, entertained!

Hang brought me to Koi Cafe, it's very famous of its bubble tea.

Snapped while queuing up

Hang introduce me one their signature drink, Green Tea Macchiato.
Seriously nice, taste so milky and refreshing, especially when it comes with green tea! Would love to drink it again.

Thanks to one of the queuing customer who helped to take a photo of us. Vicky and Hang were at Koi Cafe Singapore yo!

Yeap, that's it for the post. Await for my next post!
Garden by the bayyyyyy

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