My bunny teeth

Do you guys know that I have a crooked front tooth? It's only visible from my left side view, turns out like a bunny teeth.

Why I never think of brace them up, bow that they have got harden, barely adjust them now T.T sad.

Somehow, it defines part of me, probably people recon me by that bunnilish smile haha. Ok enough of trashing!

There's something I so wanna share is that, I am going to Singapore! Things are happening too fast, my actual plan is suppose to be next year head, but things do change. So for the next 2 months, I will be sitting for last 2 papers of F level of acca, then fly to Singapore Kaplan Uni.

You know, beside from study in my hometown, I have never study abroad. So there will be a lot for me to handle and tackle. Please wish me the luck to get everything planned well, which I have never done perfectly before o.o

But what's more important now is that I have to pass my current 2 papers, ie. I have got to stop right here right now and get my pigu back to study room. Talk to u all next time on this!


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6c523446 said...

good luck sista~
i never know you wanna study abroad in SG
thats awesum >_<
i wanna join XD

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