Craving the book and... The CHACHOS

And as I said, with bloggeroid, instant blogging is now supper possible! I have no idea what is wrong with me tonight but... I ate the whole packet of CHACHOS in 15mins.

Seriously, I have not been munching snacky for so long already and when it.come, it comes with a big big big pack of crackers O.O this could be the symptom when my exam is getting nearer n NEARER.

Everyday looking at the book on the table is like watching titanic movie over and over again, such dramatical and emotional.

However, this won't give a bit of ouch, for VICKY IS UNSTOPPABLE! Ohh yeahhh, u still remember it alright ;)

For now let me headache for a while, too many crackers make me feel dizzy @.@

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