How to make EasiYo - Home made Yogurt

As you can see my previous related post here, it's very troublesome if we bought the wrong flavored yogurt or somehow too sweet or tasteless. Just... you bought something you don't like lo. Understand? Well well, EasiYo settles these problems!

There is no other yogurt tastes as good, or is more beneficial than freshly-made real yogurt, ie, EasiYo Yogurt!

EasiYo Yogurt is rich in absorb-able nutrients and has BILLIONS of live lactic cultures (those beneficial 'good guys') in every spoonful! You just can't beat yogurt when it's at its freshest! There's numbers of flavors: standard yogurt, low fat yogurt, specialty yogurt, bio-life yogurt, premium yogurt, drinking yogurt and many more!

This time I use the specialty yogurt, Greek - style unsweetened. Meaning no sugar, meaning not sweet at all. Aiya, people want to diet wa.

First of all you will need a pack of EasiYo yogurt pack,
whatever flavors you like.

Then a hardware (container) of EasiYo,
got different colour one you know?
I have the yellow one yay.

Then the most impostant thing will be the outer hardware (flask) of EasiYo.
Later tell you what is it use for :)

Next boiling water, around 700ml.

COLD (not cool) water from the fridge, 1000ml

With these easy and simple ingredients,
we can now start making our own yogurt!

1. Pour cold water to the 400ml measured on the container

2. Put in the yogurt powder, ALL!

3. Cover and start to shake shake shake for around 50 times! You can dance "Mexico Cha Cha dance" when shaking if you want.

4. Open the lid and pour in the cold water to the top of the
"arrow sign" on the container.

5. And do some "Mexico Cha Cha Dance"

Shake 50 times is enough, don't over excited ha.

6. As soon as you finish the shakes, BOILING (around 90+ degree celcius, not warm!) water must be ready at that time. Pour in to the hardware UNTIL the white line on the upper side, not lower side yeah. DO NOT EXCEED nor DECEED the line,
this is very important!

7. Very soon after that, put in the yogurt container into the flask SLOWLY, don't use "dump" or "throw" ok =.= I know you guys won't do that aren't you??

This big flask is like a home for the healthy germs to generate, it keeps the heat from the boiling water and on the same time keeps the cold from the cold water. This is the perfect condition for the healthy little germs!

8. Close the Lid, just turn the lid in a clockwise direction
until you feel a "stop" or "break" sensation.

9. Kindly dry out the hardware with a smiley face :D

10. Wait for at least 8 hours, or more if you want the yogurt to be more "solidified".
11. 8 hours or more later, take out the yogurt container and check if the content has become creamy or slimmy, if yes, put into the fridge and SERVE COLD! :D

It's SO DELICIOUS when eaten cold. ^.^

And it will be something like this!

Since I used the unsweetened flavor, I can modify it myself instead of eating it straight away. By adding some cereals or fruits or milk! Some people may use for baking purpose!

To gain the full health benefits of yogurt, the cultures in it need to be LIVE. But as these cultures last just days, freshly-made yogurt is the only real way of ensuring you receive optimum benefits as well as a great taste.

EasiYo is the greatest choice of all!

Sorry for the previous post btw, I'm fine atm :)

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

WHOAAA! so pandai! lol me not a big fans of yoghurt. but i like it if mix it with fruits! ;)

Kelvin said...

Wah, its like magic wor. Too bad not sold in SG:(

elims Chuang 光宏 said...

You're really cute! like to see you!~ hahaha~ enjoy! ^^

Declan Isaac said...

Hi there
I saw in your blog that we gotta use cold (not cool) water to make the yogurt. however , their website says to use cool water.


If using chilled water from the fridge in your JAR then you should take the chill off ie warm it up to at least 15ºC!

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