With Irene to Brunei Jerudong beach●Empire hotel●The Mall

Second day of Irene in Brunei, I have to make everything perfect so that Irene can leave Brunei with good impressions and memories of Brunei :)

I brought Joyce with me that day, more people more fun what right? :D

I drive Irene to Jerudong park, where she can see horses!

A picture taken before we were kicked out because of illegal entrance to the private property area of Jerudong Park LOL! Such a loser guider ain't I? XD

Then to the Jerudong Beach! Like I said last time, it's full of ROCKs!

Irene with Joyce standing on the rocks.

Me and Irene sitting on the rock, making love sign in the air!
Aren't that sweet?

Again I emphasize in case ya'll forgot, we're not les.
No matter how "close of contact" are we to each other lol!
We are like sister!

Love the colour of the pictures taken on the beach :D

Oh my goodness! I totally in love with this picture, God blessed my photography skillz :) *scratching her thick face*

Joyce's looking beyond the sea... ok I dunno how to describe this pic :/

Me and Rene Rene.

Because we are all sissy ladies, we don't like to be exposed to sunlight for too long. So I bring them to Empire Hotel 6 stars!

Camwhore on the escalator down to the lobby hall.

Irene with Empire hotel!

It's so hot that day, my hair was messed up :( I dunno how Irene fix her hair till so tidy even though she sweats, I think she got fix aircon in her thick hair.

Joyce and Irene under the coconut tree!

Me and Irene under the coconut tree!

Playing under the coconut tree like an Indian dance...is FUN!

Irene with the concrete made dolphin, don't really dare to touch it, coz it's too hot!!!

Not even a kiss XD

Joyce amazed us tho....

She sits on it =,=" with a happy face... I wonder if her thighs are ok or not...

Me cracking a concrete dolphin! Now who's the man? XD

Awww I love this picture :)

No more regret liao this Irene.

Hot and humid the outside, cool and refresh the inside!

Afternoon I bring Irene to Brunei The Mall.
She saw my post about the Swensen and got attracted by the "Mushroom soup", so I made her dream comes true :D

Tada! She's reading Swensen's menu book X)

And tada! The mushroom Soup!

That's the cheese stick beside the mushroom soup.

Actually, one spoon and one fork is enough for me lo... :|

Sparkling drink! Never know how nice it tastes ei? Well I know haha! :D

Me nom nom with my hush puppies shirt ^^ I miss Hush Puppies :(

Emo picture thinking of Hush Puppies...

Nah, that take 5 seconds only wahaha!!
After that back to the eating mood!

Chop Chop Chop!! Nyam nyam nyam X)

Irene drinking her Sparkling Berry...

Wou wou, next dish, you can never imagine man~
Apple Crumble Ice Cream!


You see that?! Gosh I'm typing this with my saliva dripping now XP

The inner filling of the crumble is soooo amazing! It feels like cheese, but when you put it into the mouth, it melts like some sort of crunched biscuits or smashed cakes, arh I don't know! Seriously I think the most mysterious one is the syrup, it's sweet but not too sweet, it just made a perfect match with the whole dish!

This picture is to prove that Irene has eaten the Apple Crumble Ice Cream,
no more regret.

After Swensen, we made our next stop at Binz Crepe. Its whole thing are exactly the same as Kokoberry, just the name different only.

I ordered Milo Crepe and Irene ordered Blueberry Crepe!

LOL, I know I know, we got dustbin tummy that day XD Hampalan got any single chance of eating, we will eat and try out everything, I kept on remind Irene when she moaned that she's full that "Remember you only come here till the day after tomolo..." Then she will ok ok for every food that I suggested to her, haha!

In the progress of doing our crepes :)

Tada! My milo and Irene's blueberry, why her one is bigger? :(

While waiting for Joyce who was having her tuition,
me and Irene's insanity activated!

Vicky: Irene, do you thinking what I'm thinking?
Irene: Yes Vicky, I think we should..

You can skip the below pictures if you want :)






KACHA#6 You know, you don't mess with Irene...

KACHA#7 Yay, I have weird slim face once!


End of the day trip! I'm so proud of myself, can be a Brunei tour guide liao :D
*scratching her thick face again*

Next post will be Irene's last day in Brunei :(

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Isley Chang~ said...

wow. that's nice. can be Brunei's Tour Ambassador. haha. Irene is Cute~ ^^

mNhL said...

The ice cream makes me wanna fly to swenson to eat. haha.... You guys had a great time. So nice to be young!

Alfieeeeee said...

Finally I have fast internet. =D

Vicky, will I get the same treatment if I go Brunei one day? xDDD will I?

btw, Irene looks like she's pointing "the finger" in one of the pic.

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

WOW! nice outing! yummy foods make me drool again!! xD

Kelvin said...

This post made me damn hungry~

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