Last Day with Irene in Brunei :'(

I have forgotten about posting Irene's last day trip in Brunei lol!
Here is it :)

For the very last day of Irene's Brunei Trip, I brought her to Dim Sum for breakfast!
The Dim Sum place is call Lucky Restaurant!
Yes you will lucky if you eat there.

Irene with Dim sum Plate.

Fried Prawn :D

Fish Ball!

When I was young, I thought it's really a pork intestine la
(from the Chinese translation lol!)

More Fish Ball!

Har Kaw (Prawn Dumpling)

流沙包 The fillings are amazing, but abit too oily tho :/

Me and the half fish ball.
Gosh why I look so pale one? o.O When my lips so red =.=

Oh, I think my lips was allergic that time, so red red and puffy LOL!
Makes me look like Angelina Jolie la X) *puke*

After the dim sum, we went to Park Tamuan for a walk :)

Hey we're wearing the same pattern cloth that day :D

Looks like 19th century lady with flower :/
Cool face but actually she's forced to smile haha!
Her legs were full of red ants.

Irene back to kindergarden school time, play nice nice ha :)

Eh Seh, photoshop skill makes Irene look like an artistic star!

Same pattern shoe! Aren't we same hearted?

Us and the bushes :|
Aiya, the park only got plants and playground ler =.= Nothing to snap ady.

Time past very fast, our stomach digest very fast too.
Afternoon lunch time!
To Excapade Sushi Restaurant again!

Chuka Itako (Marinated Cute little Octopus)

Special California Maki

Because the place is dim, so I use flash mode.
Special California Maki didn't come out as a ood result but
I definitely like the below picture!

Manhattan Maki, see the eggs?! They're so transparent

Enoki Hotate Butter Yaki
Medussa's Hair X)

Una Hama Maki, love the crunchiness in between!

Twins Roll, don't look like twin tho

Irene used to make Sushi for her family and friends, now that she has learnt new recipe, lucky friend and family of hers :( Me want too X(

Secret Recipe in The Mall!

Irene wearing bling bling spec,
can touch her eye through the spec frame one, no glass lens lol.

Irene loves Tiramisu Cake, so I introduce her the Tiramisu Cake of Secret Recipe.

Creamy and lovely~

And my suggestion, Baked Cheese Cake!

I love the biscuit beaneath Hmm Hmmm~

When life give us lemon, we make lemonade!

Rene Rene

Vic vic, haha ignore the red Vicky word there, it's for my facebook profile picture, lazy to re-edit so use this picture instead.

We are BFF!

Gosh, this post 90% on food la, why?
Coz I'm gonna skip to dinner haha!! At Thiam Hock Curry Fish Head.

The tree.

Famous Curry Fish Head.

My brother and Irene.

My daddy and mummy.
They just shy to look at my camera lol.
I dunno where I got my cam-whore gene from ha...

Last but not least! I got something wanna show ya'll!
That is... Me and Irene bought
SPONGEBOB's Tee Shirt!

See that?! See that?! See that?!

One coincidence:
Irene loves wearing Baby Milo's tee
Vicky loves Spongebob Squarepants

This tee is meant for us!

Look at Irene that face... o.O

And mine o.O

HAHA! Neeway, I had a great time with Irene, never in my dream will know that Irene will come to visit me until those few days :) Hope to see you again my dear, love from Vicky...

Like it if you want my love too ^^

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Anonymous said...

love u muc muc dear~ ^^
n n n...mis u muc muc too~ hope 2 c u soon!!! muackssss..^3^

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

hey Vicky! im goin to brunei next year April! will you be there??? I booked my ticket, n will be there for 6 days! :D

Kelvin said...

No xiao long bao?

The mahanttan maki looks very nice ^^

Isley Chang~ said...

i love it when u post all those foods :-). Irene is cute~

suituapui said...

Me too! I wanna go too! And Vicky will belanja so many nice things to eat! LOL!!!

"I" the writer said...

Awwwww ur twin is goin back...

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