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Sorry for being blogless few days back, Vicky was sick from 中署, drink too little water when touring guide my friend from Sibu around Brunei, gonna post this up as soon as possible :D

So Vicky went to Korean Kimchi restaurant again. This proves that of how delicious Kimchi Korean Restaurant's dishes are ^.^ That makes Vicky wanna come for the second time :D or third or forth or fifth or more!

This Kimchi Restaurant located near the New Kiulap, BSB, Brunei. Nearby will be the everyone-know-so-well Excapade Sushi! :D

Cannot see the sign board?


Nah, here is a clearly view.
Kimchi Korean BBQ Restaurant!

The menu book is long and red in color.
The options inside is drooling looking,
the prize is drooling looking too.

One thing you must know about Korean Restaurant is that :

Before any dishes, they will serve you appetizers!

Got sweet, sour, hot and bitter!

I love this Ikan Bilis, with a bit of sweetness and spiciness, Vicky felt satisfied T.T

Don't see this vegetable normal normal, the sesame seeds
within makes it taste even better than any other vegetables!

Then the waitress will help you to switch on the BBQ grill plate.

Hmmm, the picture above reminds me of Iron Man 2 I don't know why O.O

And the followed by the arrival of Dakgogi (Chicken Meat),
marinated with BBQ sauce.

This cabbages are used for bandage some food like....


During the grilling...

Turning upside down the meats...

And wait for around 6 to 7 minutes.

They're all cooked :D Yaya~

Who say korean don't have sushi?

This is the Gimbap (korean fast food)
ordered from the menu book of Korean Restaurant.
It's similar but not identical to the Japanese Sushi.

Then the famous KimchiJeon (korean pancake).
KimchiJeon is often recognized in Korean culture as a folk dish of low profile that anyone could make easily at home with no extra budget.

Bap (Korean Rice),
I love the stainless steel bowl.
They look so cute that I am happy when eating them ^.^

This is Dubu Kimchi,
sauteed Kimchi served with Toufu. The Toufu and Kimchi are normally served with minced pork, but because Brunei is a muslim country so pork is not allowed. They use minced chicken or beef instead.

Famous Korean Samgyetang (Korean soup).
Although Vicky don't really love to eat chicken, but not telling lie, I love this soup seriously! :D The smell of ginseng mixes with the Chicken meat and some red dates, GENG!

Kimchi Bokumbap (Kimchi Fried Rice).
This is highly recommended by Vicky! I was kinda regret for not ordering it, Joyce (the one who order it) is sooooo Lucky T.T

Haemul Udon.
The udon is as thick as 老鼠粉, but longer in length lo.


Malays love korean food too!

For those who come to Brunei, Vicky will bring you to this place :D

*cross fingers*

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

omg just remind me how long i didnt eat korean food already!! :(

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

all the foods so tempting!! tummy croaking dy.. :( hmph nemind will go soon! hehe

suituapui said...

Been to the Korean Restaurant in Sibu. Quite nice too but not really authentic Korean - this one's definitely nicer...but I don't like kimchi.... Blerk!

Kelvin said...

Wah, the 1st picture of u is beautiful^^
Got the emo look XD

"I" the writer said...

Must resist! Must cut down food intake....but cant resist!

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