Vicky wanna become Buffy?!

I always think that I am very chubby and fat, but never get slim down successfully unless I stop eating. The problem is eating is part of my life my soul my sun my moon, I never gonna stop eating because of slim!

One day as I walked pass the kitchen, I saw a big big big black container jar.


The Mega Gainer.

At first I was like
"Me so chubby liao still wanna gain for what?! Don't piss me off!"

Suddenly I stopped.

I remember my brother always drink this thing coz he's too skinny, but I see him growing bigger and bigger, not in fats but muscle!

He said that this protein powder turns your fats into muscle,
it can makes your flabby butterfly arm into 2 firm muscle eggs.



And it will become like this below.

I don't wanna be that muscular :d

My brother added
"Think about ur flabby cheek Bicky, try to think of it...."
and he disappeared from the mist.

I think think think and think....

Finally I made up my mind, I decided to drink protein!
And go gym!

This thing is really big!!

I open it and look inside.

It's chocolate powder O.O I hate chocolate T.T

But no choice, drink only la *cover nose holes*

After drinking, next will be gymnastic activities!

Haha, the only thing I can find in my house is the weight lifter.

It's my brother's one, got spider web already, ever since he went to gym,
he left his lonely weight lifters at the corner.

Let's go Vickeh!
Workout workout!

Burn the calories and shake off the fats!

One two One two!

Come on!! it's that all you can do?! You are such a weaker!
Do it faster!!!! one TWO! One TWO!!

The shadow appears behind Vicky shows her spirit and effort of getting her fats off.
I was touched.

No more eatless days, no more bulimia, no more aneroxia,
no more binge puke, no more cabbage soup days, no more only drinking day,
no more yay!! :D

Watashiwa Chun Li from the Street Fighter 4,
Watashiwa can kick you like Ip Man's punches!

And Vicky trains restlessly everyday, after drinking the protein powder,
she straight go to lift weight, and repeated until one day....

Something popped out from my mind...
The angle of the Vicky

Angle Vicky asks Vicky:
"Vicky dear, do you think you change yourself after
all these days of hard work?"

I say:
"Yea, I'm feeling like Herculi's wife nao"

Angle Vicky says:
"How about your face?"

My face turned numb O.O"

It's still chubby like ever!!!!!!!

This is impossible!!

I can't believe it!

Believe it I can't too!!


Tell Me Huai~

And Vicky angle said:
"Ya know what Vicky, how we recognise about you is your face, don't change it, we won't want to see a skeleton faced Vicky like this one below"


I don't want I don't want T.T

Ok fine, I'll stop blaming about my face T.T

Be happy of the face I have nao :)

Smile ^.^

I'm satisfied nao
And Vicky live happily every after...

Last but not least!

Thanks to the owner of the protein jar and weight lifters for
providing me the chance of making this post.

Aligato Elik-san
This is him cam whorely using my lumix TZ7 camera to take a
very beautiful picture of himself

Hope he won't find this out XD

*Run away*

11 Cicles!:

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

OMG! NO! dnt take that cute vicky away from us!

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

u look great and cute dy, u're not fat ma, so dnt need to be slim, unlike me, me really need some fats! haha am so skinny! :(

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

*ROFL* Vicky in Chun Lee 's version so kawaii!! =D

Huai Bin said...

Heh! I'm glad you arrive to that conclusion. I have a very chubby face, it's the first part of me that gets fat.

It's good that you like the way you look. :)

suituapui said...

Those protein drinks are for bodybuilders - they need the extra protein to build those muscles when they workout - not that they will burn on'e fat and make one slim. You look fine...where got fat? We are who we are - and we must learn to love ourselves for who we are...and people will love us for that very same reason.

Isley Chang~ said...

walao wei~ you drink those? haha. your brother is kind enough to allow it coz the protein powder is expensive.

kenwooi said...

haha.. i used to go to the gym.. but now no more because not free anymore.. it was fun to be honest..

the thing is.. i think you're okay la.. don't have to gain weight or slim down.. =P

mNhL said...

U scare me! I thought u really go and take the protein and train with dumbell. haha.... Be satisfied with your own look and weight now. Never spoilt your health due to beauty.

Kelvin said...

Ehh...fats and muscles is different thing, they can't turn into muscles...ur bro gain muscle is coz he exercise XD. That thing is not really for girls. Just exercise will be enough to get a firm muscles.

"I" the writer said...

No point bein slim if it takes away the thing u love the most ;)

Vicky 刘宁 said...

"I" the write : yeah :)

Kelvin : haha!! my mother said Imma cray doing that in the house XD

mNhl : Yeap ,thanks for the advice ^^

kenwooi : Sighed, chubby cheak very good too la ho?? :/

Isley : Yeah XD he spent his salary there, well, he afford it!

suituapui : Agreed too :)

Huai Bin : Haha, don convince me baru say this woo XD

May Ling : Haha! Actually I got no idea of wat am I doing until my brother reminds me of chun li haha! And yeah, u realyl skinny wo, but can wear any cloth without any doubt of fats ler.. XD

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