When School Starts...

Early in the morning, with cool air and sweet dreams going on...


Ring Ring Ring! Ring Ring Ring!

Ok, this is really disturbing me...


Arh! I can't stand it anymore!
Vicky woke up and switched off the phone alarm.

Oh look! School Starts today...

Yay =.=

To brush a teeth this day is more like
taking a big stone and put it in my mouth T.T

I was so sleepy and tired!
Ok, time for facey washy ...

Gervenne Facial Foam

Squeeze out a little like a toothpaste on your hand

And remember the 5 W's

Wash Wesh Wish Wosh and Wush

These are the procedures to get the face cleaned!

Now Vicky is feeling more Energetic :D



One more troublesome thingy that always pop out
early in the morning when school starts is....


Vicky Think here
Vicky Think there
Vicky think here and there

At Last...

Chosen my often-wear cloth

Often till my friend said :"Still wear this cloth?! Got wash or not?"
Vicky answered :"Of course got la, I really love this cloth what, no choice" ^^"

Arh, I have to remind myself of cutting my hair
It grows that fast!

Breakfast for Vicky?

Bizgen mixes with 3in1 CoffeeMix

Remember what I taught about the
"Ninja Assassin Black Sand letter style" ?

I was really Frustrated and depressed!

I have to think here and there early in the morning,
my rusty brain can't stand la :(

I also have to choose which shoe I wanna wear

Even though only got 2 choices...

Well Well, the schooling part I skipped
No Pictures supported, I can't type without picture
ie. I can't blog without pictures!

After schooling, my boy brought me to Cafe Cafe! :D

The Passion Sprite!

Milo Kaw Kaw~

This is what he ordered that day, creamy pasta bla bla...

Told you already, he really likes to order some weird food
Name Weird Taste also Weird
End up Weird also...

Guess he will eat how much?

Yeah, that's the left over ... :S

Sighed, have to teach him about the life of African

Accompanied Esther these 2 nights to supper

Her favorite Sate! Beef and Chicken :/

I wonder why there is no Fish Sate :(

Fruit Ice ordered from Vicky! ^o^

I love the jelly topping!

The following night...

My Milo Kaw Kaw...

Esther's heart Spring Rolllll

Vicky's Heart Fish Toufu!!

Go on eat ate eaten these 2 nights T.T
Chubbiness will be back soon, Meh :(
It's gonna be Chinese New Year, have to plan for meal diet
So Vicky can wear more pretty dress!

Gambateh Neh Vicky-Chan! Woots >:D


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