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I hereby to announce that my blog is officially change to...


Yeah Right as if it is true.


Well, nothing to blog about so Vicky decided to
intro some of my favourite food to you all.

Irene overnight at my home the day before.
Chit Chat Chit Chat Chit Chat
Haha, the officially Kepos :D

Irene took out a lipstick and caught my attention

Then I said :
" Wa Irene, grown up already know how to use lipstick le wei"

She answered :
"No la, even me already 50 years old I also don't wish to

use lipstick, this is a lip gloss la"

-made up story-

But to tell the truth, it did said it's a lipstick :(

Well it is actually a lip gloss in real.
Menard Stream One Touch
Irene said...


A touch on the lips makes ur mouth feels
watery and shiny for the whole DAY!

-Adv end-

Food Time!

Went to a restaurant next to Enjoy Cafe

By looking at this picture,
you must have known what I've ordered right?

The people Next seat

The people next next seat

Barley! I prefer biji biji not "mok mok" (blended) one.

Laksa with lotsa dried bean curds! Vicky Likie Likie :D

By the time I slurp in the noodles with bean curd soaked in laksa soup,
my world was like turning upside down, weird description?

Meaning very delicious ...

Hmm, this is my boy's order, Sibu Kampua :D

Ohya, may Vicky intro you all my current colleagues! XD
All pretty laydees!

Meet the Celine Kong (a blogger too)
A very funny to chat-with girl, she can make
any normal talk till like

A bunch of children listen to Grandma's story

Vicky said :"Oh Oh Grandma, more stories please"

Me and Esther chan, as you all know already

Hard working girl :D
I felt so sorry whenever I see her so hard work la
Useless me :(

Shariny! A cute smilling girl ^.^
She smiles my moody away!

Funny Chai Yiiun! :P

Alice!!!!! in the wonderland :X
Her hair is special*
I'll show you all if I got the chance to take the pic of her hair

LOL, the shy shy Yvonne (Ebond)
One of the pretty girl :D

One of the Chinese New Year clothes!
Fast fast come I tell you or else
pretty and handsome clothes no more stock le o.

Esther and I went to the Enjoy Cafe again! :D

Say Hi :X

What I love about Enjoy Cafe?


A very special ABC!

Even Esther the cool emo girl also like it :D

Vicky said


It makes me COLD COLD COLD to the max too.
Haha, nevermind take is as a practice since I'm
going to UK next year :)

(Hope this dream will come true)

I finished in like 15 minutes..
Not enough for water tank me la :S

In the future if I got enough money, I'll open a shop call...

"ABC-ky Cafe"

Night time after work...

Vicky and Chai Yiiun went for movie!
Crazy huh? Worked the whole day already
Still got energy to watch movie ler :D

Nice decoration under the Cinema!

We watched "THE SPY NEXT DOOR"!
Starring : Jackie Chan!!!!!

Me and Chai Yiiun ^^

Told you all once more, never never
neglect buying William Milk Tea! >:d

Pop corn optional ...

Overall point of view from Vicky after the movie:

Jackie Chan Geng Geng GENG!!

Next Morning, just got up and saw the teddy that my
boy gave me as christmas gift beside me.

I just went on with "Awwww"
Then straight away took pictures with it^^
Ps: My camera always standby beside me one.

I take this bear as a male, so I should called it.. HE.

Teddy is my only companion in the house other than grandma.
But sometimes when I arrived home late night,
my grandma already sleep.

So only left teddy in the room,
he is my only companion every late night :)

Makes me think of Kew kew too

I love teddy, Teddy love I! Muakz ^^

Ok, hugging time's over

Get ready to work.

Now that I spend more time on work than study.
Since I only attend to class twice a week,
much more different than I thought.

So tired T.T

Pink, Dark Green, Yellow. Hmm, nice colour match :D

Over stressed with work, so took picture with Chai Yiiun :P
Kacau her :X

I kacau Esther while she was playing with her phone
See her angry face ^^" Sorry ler kawan

Got thirsty, so decided to buy some drink from kokoberry

And just knew that they came out with new drink!

魔豆爱玉冰 (Ai Yu with magic bean)

This is IT!!!! Looks normal but in fact
There is something secret about it

You will never know till you drink it.

You can hardly see anything inside the drink
except a plain orange color. But you will never know what
is inside the drink other than the orange water...

Till you drink to the basement of the cup.


The Translucent Pearl!!!!!!!!
What so special about it? It's passion fruit flavored.
When u bite it, it got burst and some sweet fluid flows out.
I extremely love it!!!! O.O

New favourite drink detected by Conan-ky.

Just back from meeting my boy, am happy to see him :)
Off to bed now,

missing kew

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