Hold strong.

This post is not a poem
But it reviews out my heart voice

Things have been gone through my life

Happiness and Crapness happened

I've fall into few relationships

And I taken them seriously

But often end up nothing

Now that I'm holding a heart of a man
And I surrendered my heart to him as well

We're holding the heart chain of each other
Obstacles trying to cut off this chain

So this relationship won't be last forever

This is a track of you and me

It's our own choice of whether to follow the same track or not

I'll answer here first
I would and I will step on this track strong and firm

Holding your hand to mine

Wouldn't let you go
People trying to break us apart

With the faith and trust we have on each other

I can sure of it that this chain is strong enough

Trust in me in all you do

Have the faith I have in you

Love will see us through

With these we can get along together

The wander in your eyes

The bitterness in my heart

Yet a muted mouth

Sometimes things can't get through with talk
But it always got calm with heart T
he lip feels the trust

The hug feels the warm

The touch feels the sensation of love

Hold these strong my boy
For these are the proves of the firm heart of you and me
My boy You've kissed my heart and took my soul
I'm so desperate for your loving store
You got me hooked up high in the sky

Now that
the future is ours to see
So baby hold on to me

Every morning when I get up
I think about what's not enough,
Now that I think of what we got
Think of all my love
I'm gonna give you all I got
And that makes me more than enough.
Rich man, poor man

Really don't matter that much

Mama always decide my future

"Girl, I'm doing this is all for your own good"

But mama I'm telling you,

This $ thing, can't buy me the love I want.
Hold tight on me boy
Don't let me go for I will not leave you

Stay strong stay strong

For I believe everything will turn up good.

With you Boy,

Is where I belong...

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