Bon Voyage to PJ :(


Remember to miss Hush Puppies Yea

By the way, forget to put up this photo when Chai Yiiun
Got her salary and there she bought herself a KFC Meal :P

And there I bought myself a Hush Puppies Jean :X

This is the Hush Puppies Muscular Woman

And her Student, Lorna

Well, I promised PJ that I'll bring her for a lunch one day before her
departure, while waiting outside her house, I took this photo!
Guardian Shower Glove, RM7.90
Scrub Scrub Scrub, Away the Dirty Dust From Vicky!

And Tada!! I drove PJ to Sushi Tie!!
Its her Beloved place of meal (Its me Actually :X)

Yea yea, Double Peace Pose!!

I ordered : Itako sushi, Dragon ball, Inari Egg Mayo, Takashimi and one look like Ice Cream, Don't know what that call :/

Vicky Enjoying her Sotong Sushi!!

This is Her (actually my) beloved Inari Egg Mayo

Look How Happy She was :) Her Smile never lies


I gave myself a challenge
First, I finished the content in the Inari Egg Mayo
And filled in "WASABI"
No Doubt Man
I mean Completely no doubt

Next I was found dead on the table X.X

Lastly before I sent her home, I bought her a crepe too
Miss Me ya PJ!! I will never forget the craziness of yours


My Nanny's Birthday!!!!
Mom, below pictures are specially posted up for ya
Letting you know that how healthy Nanny is now ^^

The one with white hair is my nanny

Look! Its Queenie!

And Ah Hao!!

I love My nanny very much! Although I don't spend much time visiting her :(
Feeling bad for it

Your Sisters Mom!! ^^
They are still as pretty as ever!
Like you ....

The Peace posed Nanny!!
Told you, my super double peace pose got story one man
You can have more double peace pose histories from My nanny

Nanny looks like my mom in old version

The Food prepared for my tummy that night!

And the Lovely Cake for Nanny

Cute Nephew! I love his hawaiian Shirt :)

Robin brought me to Noodle House last time

This is his "Gozilla"
I wonder why is it called gozilla when there is not a bit trace of Gozilla :/

My Milo Panas!!
I love the fluffy bubbles on it >.<

I ordered Laksa that morning *meatless

And this is Robin's "skin egg" Porridge
Looking nice, tasting nice
Everything so nice!!


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