Love Story_Vicky Version

Ok, Please don't blame my voice k?
Let it be that way

Any Comment on it?
Good or Bad Vicky will accept :)


6 Cicles!:

Seal said...

nice^^well done,very good,Vicky~
so long no hear your sound sweet~
it is a nice song n the video is nice also*claps**claps**claps*for Vicky^^

BaByy Nana said...

hallo vicky~ you're good at it :D

( X I A O F O N G ) said...

omg dear vicky..i just can said u re great^^ big thumbs for u^^

Myst3 said...

keep rocking!

~Pinkie~ said...

i like it~!! hehe.. :)

kking said... good n well done!

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