Vicky make Neslo for Breakfast

1st step : Put in 2 packs of Nescafe "3 in 1" into Big big Cup

And Vicky Chose Hush Puppies Big Big Cup!

Its 3 times bigger than usual cup

Next : Put in 2 scoops of Milo and 1 sccop of condensed milk

After that, pour in hot water

Stir it in Zig Zag movement (diffuse faster than round motion)

And Tada!

Homemade Neslo from Vicky


I'm loving It!


2 Cicles!:

Anonymous said...

an advise for vic~u hav a drink style same as me,2 nescafe+milo~but tat is not gud for heatlh~after took tat,nid to drink more water~i'm oso took the advise frm my frien so now i wont do so~plz rmb tats hot == ~

C.V said...

Wow, that is so rich in terms of aroma and of course tastes. Never tought of mixing these two.

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