Vicky is Vicky

I am Who I am
Who I am is Not the One of who u think
I am who I think I am
So Who u think I am is not Who I think I am
Stop calling me Fake
God Created me that way
Because He wants me to be unique from others
Not only Me
We all have our own unique part
What we have now are all gifts from God

So, please Stop all the hesitation on me


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Lee said...

Coming to visit your blog from Kenny's blog. Nice blog. :)

Anonymous said...

vicky where got fake...~~ vicky so kawaii and hair look kawaii..@@ dun care how others think urself vicky!!~ tis's how ur oil station partner think..and vicky = chubby face, chubby face= vicky...hahahaz.. xD

chazzz said...

What song you are playing at the right column?

BTW, You voice is good and real, I already feet that its real since watch your video, I have a few friend also have the wawa sound.

luis010487 said...

hei, ur voice is so nice...u should appreciate it
im luis?stil remember me?
visit me:

tidus86 said...

you dont have to care how people think about you as long you feel good about yourself ;)

tidus86 said...

you don't have to care how other people think about you as long as you feel good and comfortable with yourself ;)

yingying said...

Just be yourself, dun care what others says:)
God know you the best:)

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