My Kuching Trip Briefing~

My Luggages (Simple 2)

( The Bus Sekolah I rode that night)

I arrived Kuching after 7hours and 30 minutes

I stayed in a kindergarden classroom (cute)

People I just knew not long after we packed into the room

My breakfast! Mee Hoon Soup


After breakfast, Church Activities

The guy with red shirt, he really showed out his talent of dancing (cross finger)

After that, we decided to go to the beach

And again I sat the bus sekolah~

This ice cream is given by my angel^^

The Beach~

So, I do have the talent of taking Scenery Pictures o^^

We stopped here, old buliding


Going back home after 4 hours

My dinner that night~ RM6 =.=" I ate that with tears and sweats

My breakfast the next day, Meehoon Soup RM3.50

My friend's breakfast, MeeHoon Lasksa

We went to the Spring in the afternoon

MoMo ChaCha~

Cendol!! Finally T.T

Apple Donuts.. Fron My angel, Thanks^^


Korean Sushi


Me enjoying Cendol

My buddy Friend ^^

Sushi King!

Me enjoying Donut~ Suddenly feel like my face is expanding =.=


My beloved

Me enjoying starbuck

Peacepose With StarBuck

After that, we went to Boulevard!

Balloon From hotlink promoter, thinking that I'm still a kid ==

Night time, fellowship~

With Pastor... Tall O.O

A new friend of Vicky ^.^

Buddy Friend ^^

Our group got Number One^^ Lots of Keropok and soft drinks

Dark~ and Gloomy~ Sorry, My Phonie isn't that bright

Next morning, Going back home :(

My name Card

Oh my! Cocolin, Sibu got one also... She is everywhere ^.^

Church Friend Friend

Roti Canai~

Kueh Chap~

Vicky's Mee Hoon Soup

My friend's Pork porridge~

Lol~ Coolman~

Lol, Cool Girl~

On the way home, we stopped at kopi tiam.
I went down and bought drinks
People sitting on one of the table kept on looking at me
So I smiled back at them
One of them said :" Wase, she smiled at us ler"
The other replied :" This is call Limao la Heng dai~"
Then I straight away Walked away with ugly face
LOL! Weirdo Me ==

Back to Sibu^.^

~I miss the trip very much~


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Youre pretty face is suitable for a corneto advertisement. :)

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