Miss Mystery

Specially dedicated to Miss Mystery


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ZoDy said...

Wow,your voice and great acting! ^^ I know this vid really mean it alot but althought i am not the one to forgive you. Hope myst3 will see this and forgive you sooner or late then. And you have my support mate. :)

Anonymous said...

so long time dint come visit vicky jor xD hmm...so many video clip recently o.. hahaz...the "terima kasih" 经典 @@ join till v good..

e l d y said...

?? no gay n lesbian pls .. U seem like religious but how dare u accept gay n lesbian ..
God cre8 just male n female but no middle ..

So gay n lesbian is not allowed .. Amen !!

Anonymous said...

i'd like to see you moaning

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