GoodBye Sibu

Bye Bye SIBU

I can't believe that the day of exam period coming to an end had came true!!

Well, the first thing I wanna do after exam is SCREAM!


OK, feeling better now ^^

I'm going back to Brunei on Friday! ^^

Dear Brunei Friends, I going to come back!!!!!!!!!

Felt so sad of leaving friends in Sibu for a month

Worst of all is you.... .... to be departed from me

Can't meeting you for a month,

Thats gonna be like REALLY Bad~

But please wait for me, you always ask me to be obedient

That showed of how big care u have taken on me

Thanks for everything, and hope that you'll like the present

PROMISE!!! Open when its ur birthday, if not, the present won't be meaningful


This full December month, I'm gonna spend them appropriately

My aims:

1 - Slim up my face a little
2 - Earn more money
3 - Communicate more with my family and frens
4 - Be more friendly with God, as I don't really have spent time with Him this year =-=


Thats all, Gonna Update my next post as soon as I reached Bintulu tomolo afternoon


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