I called it a day

Today while I was dreaming about my lovely Crepe while Limyi called and my Crepe just POOF! Disappeared in front of me~ Well, she invited me to play basketball and also Jun~ Its 7.45 am^^ How early is it Ei?? Then, summarization,
U chopped ball, I chopped ball, Drink then Home~

Guessed that I may have some rest after back home



=.=" Who called???? Oh, its grandma my grandma the only grandma~

"Can u climb the Papaya tree back door there??"

O.O Har... ... ... ... Now?? I can see the chicken next door already sunburned till "Peng kang"~ Climb the papaya tree now???????

"Yea, now"

~.~ Ok, I want the hat then before I climb like a Monkey


So then I climbed and the kids next door kept on laughing at me for my pose of climbing =.= Great~

Then, after cutting down the papaya tree head with zig saw (Man, I really looked like La kia), I went back into my house and realized that somehow I looked different on that hat, which gave me an idea of taking picture, whoooo~~

Camwhore activated!!!!

What The Heck Am I Doing????



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