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Just Finished my holiday last week, and the overall comment for it is TIRED~

HUH??------------------------------------- WHY????? -------------------------
---------------------------TIRED??? -------------------------------AREN'T U RELAX?-------------------------------------------------
------------------------------------NO RESTMEH??? ------------POOR GIRL---------
----------------------------------------------------------------SO PITY---------------
-----------U SUPPOSE TO HAVE FUN DE WO~ ------------------







Vicky suppose to relax, but unfortunely, Hush Puppies got promoting Sales during Hari Raya~ When Everyone Having Fun hanging out with friends, Relax at home and bla bla their own stuffs~

So Vicky Worked instead of Rest~ BUT but BUT~ Vicky got no regret at all^^ From there, Vicky knew new colleague friends^^ Beside from Nicole, got the other new Staff named Su, she looks like Chinese lar =.= I nearly spoke mandarin to her for the first time I saw her, who knows?? She's Iban~ Looks Pretty yo~ Her eyelashes sooooo "Qiao", Haha~

Been Busied for the Whole Holiday Week, Except for Sunday (the day before the school started) Afternoon, finally got my own time to do my own things^^ And My own things to do would be Rushing My homeworks=.=" Same thing, Still not my own things yet~


Mom's coming back to Sibu next week~ And I was Like~

So SO SO SO so so sO So SO so SO SO so So So sO


Although it was like only few months ago since we met, but for Me, I was just like YEARS~! So missed my Parent and Friends over there, Can't wait to go back to Brunei this December^^

Friends there in BruneI Oi~~~ CAN HEAR ME MA????? JUST WANNA SAY THAT:




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