So sorry for the very very very late posting guys^^" Vicky had been Busy lately, eventhough you can see her on9-ing at night times~ well well, let see anything Big Topic need to share with you guys or not ler~

Ohya, Vicky's on a badminton competition this few weeks o^^ Not the Kuching one-.-" Sad~ But! At least I still can have match in the church^^ So far Vicky had lost one game for girls double~ But! Still have chance for the 1st^^ The only way is DON't LOST AGAIN~

My friends invited me to play badminton yesterday, a sarawakian girl who represent sarawak for badminton also been invited! Wou @.@ I was so admired to her ler, so tall and white like my sister 张宁^^ I was so so happy when playing with her, the more she smashed to me, the more I lost points, the happier am I^^ wahaha~ weird de vicky-.-

We were playing so happily until one of my friends said its time to go home, straightly my mood went down~ Guess what, I only knew that she was in the same school with me! Oh my~ Very very extremely goodness~ How can Vicky not knowing someone so good in badminton in her own school??? Well, there is an answer^^ She just came to my school on my 2nd semester, @.@~ My junior then~ she looks mature though, well, who cares?? I haven't know her age yet, as long as Vicky knew her can le lo^^ wahaha~

And the last thing to mention, My kuching friend came!! I was shocked to know that~ So happy anyway^^ It has been years since we met the last time~ Felt sorry for him that I can't bring him to anywhere, introducing him Sibu's special foods, for me a "路痴"-.-" But bought him some sushi^^ Hope he'll like it~

About Vicky's study situation ler, for the moment among the 4 subjects, 3 of them so far so good, except! The one, the only one, T7~ Gush, the teacher teaches very fast, talks fast, writes fast, looks fast~ Our eye can't even catch up the words in the textbook she was reading=.= I hope I can have a "slow-down" machine to slower her speed~ Haha, but anyway, Vicky can do it de~ No matter what kind of trouble is it!! ^^

Haha, ops, suddenly being called to work~ Tata~~


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Anonymous said...

waa..why i duno u got competition de? >.< +u+u oh....hahaz...tat girl really v v geng...scary also...hahaha...but she owes laugh..look her face not like can play so geng 1.. -.-"" but vicky not bad also ohh..improve alots...and ur stamina still so good..can play so many match... >.< haha...
(((the more she smashed to me, the more I lost points, the happier am I^^ wahaha~ weird de vicky-.-))
but this sentence so weird...)mayb u like SM wakakaka...
kakkaa...u treat me v well d la...haha..^^ hmm..ur result good le...hehe ..gratezzzz...hm...try learn urself lo..if not so clear wat the lecturer teaching..Anyway..take care ya..

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