A Greatest Mistake a Person Can Make Is Doing Nothing

Well, the main purpose for my title is to show u guys that I am doing something you know? I found that blogger is more efficient than friendster blog, so I've decided to change my destination from there to here. I'm so happy to share my life to the world, to show them how different can I go through LIFE~

I live in a small town in Sarawak called Sibu, its not a country, neither do state, but a small town. People in Sibu normally have the same lifestyle everyday, working, studying, entertaining, but for me, I'm gonna step out from this life. To change the way I used to lived before, it was really bored.

I am a Christian, a Methodist Christian. I attended to Brunei church since I was in Primary School, I like the way they worship the Lord. But sorry to say that I'm not really get used the way Sibu churches praising the Lord, I'm not criticising them, I have tried my best to get into with them, but I just can't! Oh God, how great a sinner am I ~

I live with my grandma, who is 70+ now, she is a catholic christian, the only way I can go to church is to follow her. Think of it, a Methodist christian attending to a catholic church, how weird, and that is why I am not getting used to this church. Well, what to say? As long as we are serving to the same GOD ^ ^

My school starts on next Monday (12/05/2008) at Methodist Pilley Institute. I had been waiting for this moment for quite a while. Course I'm taking would be CAT and ACCA, which will lead to my ambition of being an Auditor. This could be hush, but I'm on it!

Life after that could be difficult, but by the lead of GOD, I should never be weakened by the future failures I will meet.

**Every success I know has been reached because the person was able to analyze defeat and actually profit from it in the next undertaking...
-William Marston-

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